Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stress Free Wrapping

As regular readers know, my grand daughter is in the hospital. Yes, she is still in the hospital, but she is on the home stretch. She had her stomach tube removed yesterday and today she will probably be able to eat some broth or jello. One of the signs that she is doing better is that she didn't want anyone spending the night to keep her up with their snoring. She's being a very brave little soldier, but enjoying the attention and roaming the halls.

Speaking of snoring... My granddaughter never lost her sense of humor. On her second night in hospital, she was terribly annoyed by dad's snoring and decided to repurpose the hand grenade sized stuffed dog her uncle had given her. Although she was stitched and drugged, her aim never suffered as she pinged dad from across the room with her new toy. He would wake with a jolt and she'd doze off until he disturbed her again. She has since named the little puppy, "Ammo". :) Kids are awesome!

With my little princess on the mend, my muse has been relieved and rewarding me. I got some cabbing done, which demanded more attention than I previously had and I got some more wrapping done. My cabbing was most rewarding though. I went through my stash of cabs and pulled out some that had always bugged or disappointed me in some way. I recut and repolished a slew of them and was quite proud of myself for it. Unfortunately, I didn't get before and after pictures, which is a shame because they are quite improved. I did, however, cut 3 new stones. 

Verde Antique Serpentine
Black Agate
Um... I don't know the name- some jasper from Australia?

Here are two pieces that I finished, as well.

Peridot with bronze webbing
Tribal Royal Sahara Jasper

That's it for now.

I want to thank everyone for the emails, messages, comments and positive vibes concerning my grand daughter. :)


  1. Tela, I can't believe I missed the post about your granddaughter! That must have been the day I wasn't feeling well and spent most of the time sleeping.

    I'm glad she's doing better and that being sick hasn't affected her sense of humor!

    I love the new cabs and wraps. The black agate has such a gorgeous texture!

    1. Thanks Sarah :) Sorry you didn't feel well, either.

      I have some more of that black agate to cab. It's really cool stuff. This is a ring sized cab. I'll be doing some larger ones when I get some time with Gene- my mean cabbing machine.

  2. Hey Tela, have been sending prayers and healing energy your way. So relieved to hear the tube is out and she has some jello to look forward to. What an ordeal this has been for the whole family. She has incredible strength to keep her sense of humor.

    Happy you are able to get some beautiful cabbing done and wrapping. You never cease to amaze and inspire me!

    1. Thank you Christine :) Yes, she is strong. She couldn't keep anything down yesterday, but today will be better, I'm sure.

  3. So glad your grandgirl is improving. The tone of your message even sounds as if your stress level has reduced!

    Love the black agate and peridot. The setting for the jasper is awesome.

    I'm glad things are slowly normalizing...


    1. Thanks Joyce :) Yes, normalizing would be awesome right about now. LOL! She should be home in a day or two then we need to concentrate on getting ready for school.

  4. Hiya Tela, kids are amazing, don't they bounce back really well - there are times when I would love half of their resilience, lol!

    I have to say the Tribal Royal Sahara Jasper wrapping is arresting - just stunning (not that the Peridot isn't fantastic, too but the Jasper just takes my fancy more).

    Technical question, if you don't mind - does the jasper (in it's wrapping) swing on its hanger or is it fixed? I couldn't really tell from the photos and if it's a trade secret I won't be offended if you decide not to divulge your tricks :)

    Thank you for sharing

    Vicky ;)

    1. Hi Vicky and thank you.

      I don't mind the question and it is a good one. I did something similar before and everyone wanted to know if it swung. Which it didn't. So, when I was making this, I had all but decided to make it swing, but in the end, I left it stationary. I could probably still make it swing, though. maybe I will- I'll have to think about it. There is no reason why it can't or shouldn't- just my preference at the time that I made it, I guess.

  5. I'm so sorry your precious little one is still in the hospital but happy to hear she is on the mend. One would never guess by looking at your beautiful work the stress you must be under. As always, your wrapping is perfect and unique and I love your cabs!!


    1. Thanks Zoraida :) Just saw your latest post and I like the direction of your new work.

      My grand daughter being on the mend has really helped my muse. I am working on a fire agate right now and hope to do something really nice with it as it is a very pretty cab.

  6. My internet has been out for awhile and I just seen your posts about your grandaughter. Good thing you insisted she go to the hospital. Poor little thing. Glad she is doing better. She is lucky to have a grandma who loves her so much.
    AS always I love your work. Your peridot piece is breath taking! So when are you going to sell your cabs for some of us to wrap? :)
    Do you have a tutorial somewhere for learning how to use a torch on copper? I had a small torch set given to me and I don't want to burn the house down...hahahaha.

    1. Hi Gina :) Sorry so long getting back to you- been distracted lately. sorry too about your inet- I can sympathize!

      Selling cabs? I want to start getting some up soon here on the blog store. I'll just start with a few I've made and a few that I have had awhile that i know I'll never use. I don't want to sell them on etsy, I'd rather just offer them to my readers. I'm not looking to sell hundreds of cabs.

      I do have a tute for fusing copper. If you want to do the balled ends, get yourself a propane plumber's torch for higher gauges and a butane for smaller gauges. Also, you could check out Laura's free tute (CookOnStrike. It's really good.

  7. I'm so glad to hear your little one is better. They bounce back so quick! It's such a helpless feeling when someone so young gets sick.

    Oh my gosh! I am so totally in love with that black agate. It's screaming at me. I'm going to have to do a search for that one.

    1. Thank you Kate :) That particular agate was given to me by a man who collects it himself. It is local to him and I don't think it is readily available anywhere. You can find others though and check out MARFA PLUME agate. I just learned about it and it is awesome!


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