Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Time Flies!

First- some spam, I never liked it in the 70's and I still don't like it, but the little devil on my shoulder tells me I have to do this:

I have a Summer Sale going on in my Etsy store. 15% off through August 2012. 

Back to our regularly scheduled program.

I can't believe it has been so long since I blogged! I tell ya, I have been so busy. School is getting ready to start again which means shopping, haircuts and stress. The kids are antsy and it seems to rain everyday. In between all the everyday chores of life, I have been squeezing in cabbing and jewelry- though not much.

Here is a stone that I am tickled to death about. You might remember it from my post here where I discussed durability in a stone. This Candy Striped Opal (aka Bacon Opal) from Utah is NOT a durable stone. Take a look at these pictures. The first is how I received the stone, the second is after I tried to set it. The third is how I saved the stone. Now that I have my Gene(ie), I can fix some old stones with issues. :)

Got a much better shine on it, too.

I've done a little wrapping, not much. Here's a real simple piece that I love. One person said that it looks like the wires are coming down to hold the sides up. Kinda like suspenders, I guess. Maybe, it's a female stone and she's holding her skirt up instead. ;)

Brazilian Yellow Quartz

Here's another based on a design that I wrote a tutorial for. And, at the risk spamming myself again, I have to mention that I dropped my prices on my tutorials now that I am not obliged to keep them at the higher price.

Gorgeous Bloodstone

This was done with much larger gauge wire and the effect of the swag is much more prominent. Of course, it's a pretty big stone, too.

Hope y'all are enjoying some quality jewelry time! :) I'll be back blogging more regularly after school starts.


  1. Hey Tela, Happy you are back! I miss you but it sounds like life is full and busy. Great save on the stone and your latest wrappings are beautiful as always!

    1. Oh Christine- Life has been full!! My granddaughter was rushed to the Children's hospital last night with a burst appendix. Poor thing!!! She is scheduled for surgery in a few hours. :(

    2. Oh Dear One how stressful. Very scary when an appendix bursts. Please let us know how she is. Sending prayers, positive energy and big hugs

  2. Tela, I had given up on you! Thought you were in cabbing heaven and spent all your waking hours with Gene!

    Glad you're back.


    1. Oh, I wouldn't leave without telling y'all!! ((HUGS))

  3. Great to see a new post from you. Your work is always fascinating and inspiring. I could look at your beautifully wrapped pendants on Etsy all day. I pinned a few (hope you don't mind). Where are your tutorials?


    1. Hi there :) Saw your latest tute on your blog and haven't had a chance to comment. Great tute! Post a link, girl!

      No, I don't mind being pinned. :) Thanks! My tutes are at the tab here on the blog- just look at the top of the page. :)


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