Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cabochons For Sale

Superb, gemmy, large amethyst

Who doesn't love a good rock?? OK, I'm sure not everybody shares my addiction to them. But, if you do, then you may be interested to know that I am destashing and selling some of the cabs that I have cabbed myself.

Look up. There is a new category right at the top of the page. Under the tab CABOCHONS FOR SALE you'll find a vast assortment of cabs. These will not be seconds or cast offs. These will be stones that I would use for myself, but now that I have plenty, I need to let some go. Some with a heavy heart, I might add. :)

I plan to offer them exclusively in my blog store (at least for now). I won't have tons of them and I am not trying to make a living off them. This is simply a way to share some cabs with my readers. I am keeping the prices reasonable and, in some cases, I may be offering some older ones for less than what  I paid for them. I'm new at this and at pricing them, so bear with me as I work it out.

Today is Wednesday; Sept. 12. Tomorrow, I will be open for business with the first of the cabs that I've listed. I have a lot to add, though and I will be adding them as I find the time.

If you need smaller stones, I will be listing those last, but they will be coming. 

In the meantime, you can read the category description for more details.

Here's a couple I'm working on listing. :)

very large hand carved shell cameo
opal in feldspar
Biggs picture jasper


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