Sunday, September 23, 2012

Decisions, Decisions...

So, I'm sitting here with time on my hands (a rare commodity) and I am wondering what I should do. Or, better stated: Where should I start? My list of things to do is so long that I do nothing. The 3 big things- do a blog entry, make some jewelry, make some cabs.

I came here to whine about my problem, so, at least, the blog thing is done. The others, well, let's see... I need to replenish my shop. So, jewelry is a must. But, I also need to make cabs while I can. With the cold weather approaching, I am determined to stock up for the Winter. Both are equally as important in my mind. However, truth be told, I have cabs enough for a year. So, it boils down to making jewelry.

My muse has been on strike. I have attempted a few things in the last few days that I had to throw away because they just didn't work. I'm hoping my little rant here will be enough to get something, whatever it is, off my chest so I can work. Damn the laundry, damn the web work, damn the stores. I need to get down and dirty with some wire. But, I need to empty my brain of the constant nagging list first. 

One of the nags is to redo a dresser for my grand daughter, who is still suffering from her appendicitis via a bad reaction to the penicillin medicine she has been found to be allergic to. I got some lilac paint for an old brown dresser and she is going to decorate it after I paint it. The weather is finally cooperating with that project. And ya know, I have just decided what to do. Yup, the dresser will be good therapy and a break. I find that when I feel like I have to make jewelry, I can't. A diversion is what I need.

Thanks blog, for being a great sounding board and thanks to those who read this. Maybe you feel this way, too, sometimes. I think writing things down helps. It just helped me. :)

Some recent cabs (some available in the cab store already) ;

A beautiful freeform mystery green cab full of pyrite. Possibly a mariposite.

Blue and Pink Burro Creek agate

Graveyard Point Plume Agate

Mystery agate freeform

Very large Pink and yellow pastel Agate from WY.
Crazy Lace Agate
Super cool fossil "Feather" Agate
Petrified Indonesian Agatized Bird's Eye Palm Root- Rare and Gorgeous!

Rutilated Quartz
Pretty Pale Yellow Quartz or Calcite


  1. Oh, I love Rutilated Quartz! There is always such a lot going on in there. And the one with the long petrified something name is beautiful and mysterious, but I will not try to learn that name by heart, lol!

    So you say, blogwriting helps to get those little mental semi-concious obstacles out of the way-? Must try that at home. ;-)

    1. Yup, the rambling really does help. I have done that all my life. I write things down when I'm overwhelmed and it helps provide clarity.

  2. Oh, Tela, I'm sorry to hear that your granddaughter has still not recovered. It must be so hard on the entire family. A lilac dresser sounds like a wonderful spirit-brightener for her!


    1. My grand daughter had a bad reaction to the amoxycillin she was prescribed after the pic line. She broke out in a horrible itching rash from head to toe. Doc says she has developed an allergy to it and sometime in the future if she is given it she could go into shock- so no penicillin products for her! I've been looking at medical alert bracelets or into making one. Maybe some chainmaille ;)

  3. Hey Tela, Life sounds very full for you and your family. So very sorry to hear your granddaughter is still recovering and facing new issues. Poor Dear. It has to be so hard.

    I think muses escape when they feel pressure. The dresser sounds like a great project for you and a wonderful room brightener for the young one!

    Know we are here for you in spirit!!

    1. Hi Christine, yes, who knew the mild belly ache would lead to all this? But, she is 100% over the reaction now and all healed up. She was saying this morning that this week will be the first full week of school for her since it started. I told her to be extra careful today so she makes it tomorrow, LOL!

  4. I sorry your muse has moseyed. Fickle thing. But it's probably a misguided attempt to let you focus on your granddaughter.

    I've been wondering about you two--

    1. "muse has moseyed" Hey, I like that!!! I think it's back, now even if only a little. :)


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