Thursday, September 27, 2012

FINALLY I Found a New Purse!!

Who would ever guess that a simple purse could lead to so much drama and trouble? Remember my post about my absolutely perfect and now dearly missed old purse?

Well, it has been how long now... 4 months since the post lamenting the slow death of my beloved?

I never stopped looking for a suitable replacement. I swear to you by all that is Holy, I searched every store around my big city and dozens of websites, to no avail. I searched Etsy. No go. I searched many thousands of "small black leather purse" on eBay, too. I found one there that might fit the bill, but I was on the fence and nearly over it because of the price.

As a last ditch effort, I searched the local thrift stores. Oh, how I would have loved to find my purse there, barely used and calling  my name! But no, no one on eBay or at a charitable thrift store had my old purse for sale. How is that even possible, when I can buy just about ANYTHING else????? Could it be that I am not the only one who loved this bag so much? Did they all age gracefully on their owner's arm, to retire in lamented tatters?

My dear satchel opened yet another hole. I had to cut the handles off, too, because they were beyond repair. Still, I toted her around with me as I searched for another. I had fits of depression over it and even shed a tear or two over the sheer difficulty and frustration of finding the right replacement. Why oh why was it so hard to find such a simple bag? And, why oh why was I so consumed by it? I had to laugh at myself and keep on keeping on with the search.

I went back to the bag on eBay and scrutinized its every detail. I compared prices. I looked up reviews online and even found a youtube video of some lady who loved the purse. I placed my purse on the table with a ruler and tried to imagine the size of the new one compared to it. I did all that I thought I should do so as not to be too disappointed with the outrageous price, as I contemplated buying it.

The price. I am not given to extravagance. I have never in my life paid more than 30-50 for a purse or much of any personal accessory for that matter (except for jewelry, of course). I'm a home spun girl, at heart. I was raised by a Yankee of the highest frugal order. It goes against my grain to spend a lot of money. I'm not a cheap skate, but I am conservative about my spending habits. This bag retails for about $400.00. Ummm, yeah. Now, I know there are people who will drop, literally, thousands and even 10s of thousands on a purse, but if I ever did then you would know that the men in white were on their way to take me to a nice padded room. Ebay, oh yes, the wonderful bargain haven of the planet, had it for the rock bottom "Buy It Now" (before I change my mind) price of 150.00. That I could justify. It was leather, after all, and by a company well known for high quality. Quality always nails it for me. I bought it.

Yes, Tela has a new Coach bag. Yes, it is a genuine bag. And, yes I did, I got the wallet to go with it!! LOL!!!! I can't show you more of it because it is already full of my stuff. But, here's a link to a Coach Ashley Satchel on Amazon. (Keep in mind, I got the smaller version.) And, Guess what? It has a purple lining! It was meant to be. LOL!

I guess, from my LOL's you would think I am very happy and I am, but this doesn't really take the place of my old purse. The opening of this is small and a little awkward. It will take some getting used to. My late purse had a hinge to open all the way up. Also, the strap is much smaller. However, I am very happy with this bag and so glad my search is over.

Thank you everyone for looking at purses for me. I have had so many many comments from people who say they have looked for my bag-alike while at the store. But, the search is over and I have to admit, I really liked shopping yesterday with my new Coach bag. :)


  1. Yippee!! Life is good. A purple lining makes it. So happy this search ended happily!

    1. Yeah, I couldn't be happier myself. I started to wonder if I would ever find another one!

  2. So glad you found a purse. I have a favorite leather purse also. Before I got it I changed purses 6 or 7 times a year but something about this purse just made me want to keep it forever. I have carried it for 3 years and I was bragging (not a good idea) about how stuffed it always was and all my seams were still in great shape and no broken zippers no tears in the lining. It still looked really good. Nothing like a nice leather purse. The next day my zipper broke.... I went to a couple leather shops to see about getting it fixed and choked at the price. I went back to West Yellowstone where I bought the purse and even though they had some nice purses there was nothing like mine so I guess I will have this one fixed. I understand the attachment of a GOOD purse...hahaha


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