Monday, October 22, 2012


I'm so glad I went to the gemshow. The new cabs I picked up were so inspiring to me. They really put me in the mood to wrap. I have been trying to get so much cabbing done that I was missing my jewelry time. I feel so torn sometimes. *sigh*

I finished the smaller pietersite first, the same afternoon as the show, in fact.

But, the really inspired piece was finished this morning.

This is a really fabulous stone and statement piece. Here are the stats- 53.5x40.73mm 89.25 cts. It is done with heavy 18 and 16g round sterling. There are 31.5 grams 13 grams (edited to correct the weight, 31.5 is the total weight.) of silver in this. The stone is so big that I didn't want any wimpy silver, it had to have a big silver look and be sturdy. I admit, I worked this out in copper first, before I even touched the silver.

I haven't had the time to sit and do a piece like this for awhile and I tell you it was exhilarating to finish it, step back, sigh a sigh of relief that it all worked out and simply pat myself on the back. I was so happy when I got this finished that a did two more before calling it a day.

Starry Night Obsidian (looks a lot like Ocean Jasper)

While I'm at it, let me share a few odds and ends pieces that I've done here and there.

Lapis and Stainless Steel

Kyanite in Silver

Ocean Jasper in Copper

Kabamby Ocean Jasper in Copper

Peach Aventurine in Copper with incredible sparkle

You may remember the peach aventurine and kyanite from the last gemshow. Both were really hard to photograph because of the light effects of each.

I was having such a good time wrapping today. I will try really hard to make the time for it tomorrow, too. Did my soul good. :)

I haven't mentioned my cabs, have I? Here's a peek. :) More later....

Sonora Sunrise


  1. OMG Tela! You have really been inspired to be prolific. I love how you make it sound so easy to just finish so many at one time. I have not wrapped a cab for so long I don't think I know how anymore. Life keeps interfering and wrapping cabs is one thing that I know requires a full focus, which I don't have anymore. But, I keep looking at yours and thinking that someday.....

    1. Susan, sometimes, I just find the right stone to work with and it all comes together even if I'm not in the mood. Maybe, you just need to pick up that one really inspiring stone. :)

  2. Your work is so inspiring! I agree with Susan. I've been blocked for months and cut up everything I have made. After looking at these today, I'm going to try again.

    1. I'm sorry Gina, I have certainly been there. Don't cut it all up, though. I find that things often look better and are salvageable after I get out of my funk. If I inspire you, then writing this blog is worth the effort. :)

  3. Tela, I find it amazing that you can produce such beautiful pieces in such a short time. I am also very inspired by your creativity and work. I'm so anxious to get back to my wire. We're heading south very shortly and in another week I can get busy again.


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