Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sandy, Soldering and Earrings

Another year, another hurricane to worry about. Being on the Virginia coast, we were pretty worried about Hurricane Sandy a few days ago, but we are looking to be safer now. That hasn't stopped the wind from howling for two days and probably for another day tomorrow, as well.  It's been really gusty!

With the wind and rain, there wasn't much better to do today than to flesh out my soldering skills. I don't think I accomplished much, but I tried. It's just been one of those days where nothing turns out right. I'm not angry or frustrated, though. I should be, but I'm not. It happens. I bought some flux that is too thick which made the soldering thing a nasty unpleasant chore rather than a jewelry making adventure. I did make some balls and put them together for a nice pair of earwires. They went on a pair of citrine earrings that I made a few days ago. I wanted something a little nicer for them.

3.7cttw Brazilian Golden Citrine

See the 3 little balls on the earwires? I did that :) Not the best job, but my first. I did another pair of earwires that came out much nicer. I haven't used them, yet.

You might remember the incredible weave technique from the post I did on it.  It makes beautiful earrings. I did a few more pair, too.

7mm 3.2 cttw Blue Topaz
2.5cttw Ruby

That's about all I have to share today except for this:

I hope that everyone in Sandy's path takes all the necessary precautions to stay safe and that the storm doesn't cause you any grief.  


  1. the earrings are gorgeous, tela. <3 as usual, your work is impeccable.
    is that your first torch work? im amazed. :) youve done excellently. i have wanted to take the plunge, and at least ball up some headpins, but i am chicken (buckbuckbuckKAW)-- awhile back, probably over a year ago, i even bought a small torch, and some other needed supplies for the venture. and to this day they have never been used. :) one of these days....
    meanwhile, i'll just admire your lovely work. <3 (im still working on cloud atlas...i got worried about screwing it up, so im gonna stare at what i got so far til i feel some courage to carry on. i hate it when i do that... :( )

    1. Hiya Denise, You crack me up, girl! You absolutely MUST muster the courage to try these things. If you are really uncomfortable using the torch- make sure someone, like DH is around so you know you have back up if something goes wrong. It'll be all good, though, you'll see. After the first go, you'll wonder why you were so nervous. :)

      This wasn't my first time melting metal, just with flux and solder. It wasn't as fun as I thought it would be, but I think it is just because of the flux.

      There have been so many times when I was working a piece and was afraid to move forward with it. I feel ya- but you know what? I took a deep breath and jumped in feet first to finish and it worked out fine. I think it's best to leave fears and inhibitions behind when creating. It really helps to have a mindset where you welcome mistakes. Mistakes are a good thing. :)

  2. Tela, I'm so glad to read that your area seems out of immediate danger. Though I'll ad my best wishes to all who live in Sandy's path that it doesn't cause you any grief.

    Those earrings are BEAUTIFUL! ;-) I love the red one in particular. What an ingenious setting. And it seems that even I with my limited wire wrapping skills should be able to do it.

    1. Hey, Renate :) Yup, the storm passed us and clobbered the Northeast instead. My heart goes out to so many people affected by the storm. They said it would be bad and it was.

      Yes, you can do these earrings! :) It might take some close up glasses, though. ;) The idea is really simple, the execution relatively easy, but the results are awesome.

  3. Tela, Happy to hear you are safe. We are getting rain and wind. Hoping the power does not go out. Feel very bad for the people further north in Sandy's path.

    These wraps are gorgeous! The really set off the stones. Well Done!

    1. Thanks Christine :)

      I had wondered about you, but from the news it seemed you were making out ok. We had a lot of flooding and trees down and some power outages, but nothing to really complain about when you see what others are dealing with.

  4. Tela, I love your earrings. I applaud your paitence to work with tiny stones and small wire. I've tried and all my fingers turn to thumbs :0) My dad gave me a small torch set with small bottles. I don't have a clue where to start with them. Do you have a tutorial about torches? I'm praying for you and all my friends and family in the path of Sandy and the Mega storm.

    1. Hi Gina :) Sounds like you have jewelers torch maybe. If you email me I can tell you more about your torch. All I use, and all you really need to do a little soldering, is a cheap butane creme brulee torch. It will suffice for most small silver jobs. The only tute I have for melting metal is for melting copper with a propane torch. That is MUCH different from what I am doing with silver now.

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