Friday, October 5, 2012

Serious Eye Candy

40x30mm Ocean Jasper Shield

I finished this perfect Ocean Jasper yesterday and had to share. It may possibly be the best cab I ever do.

I love this stone and everything about it.

It has everything an OJ has to offer including the jasper bubbles floating in clear green agate. 

I have some more to do, but this is the one that makes my heart stop. I will probably never get the nerve to wrap it and may never sell it- unless another comes along and jumpstarts my heart again. LOL!

Here's another. It is probably the smallest cab (26mm h) that I have done yet. My fingers are too arthritic for the real small stones. I love the colors in this.

Ocean Jasper

Then there is the first Crayola Jasper I have done. This material is rare as hen's teeth.You might remember a piece I did with it a while back. It's gorgeous stuff and so hard to get. The picture muddied the yellow a bit.

Crayola Jasper

Here's a new one for me. This is Belvade Jasper. This is from an old collection. I got two slabs. I picked the least attractive preform to start with. As you will see, if this is the worst, I can't wait to do some more.

Belvade Jasper

And, because I love blue and this stone, I cabbed my first African Dumortierite. I wrapped a piece of this once and have been looking for more ever since. It has 2 shades of blue with an ostrich leather pattern in the darker blue. It's a bit difficult to work, at least my first one was.

African Dumortierite

That's it for today- now to come up with nice wraps for some of these.

Thanks for looking, now go out and make something beautiful. :)



  1. Tela, your talent brings nature's beauty to life.

    1. What an awesome compliment, Christine, thank you! :)

  2. Ocean jasper is my favorite stone. You have done and excellent job of presenting this beautiful stone,


    1. Thanks John and good to see you :) OJ is up there in my top 5, for sure. I just love the variety.

  3. Your Ocean Jasper is such a gorgeous and amazing stone. It never occurred to me that the dots are actually bubbles, only visible when embedded in transparent stone. This must be a VERY rare one. Congrats on finding and cabbing such an unsual beauty!

    The Belvade jasper is such a beauty, too, brimming with colours! And I always love dumortierite. ;-)

    1. OJ is a stone with huge variety. Some, not all, oj have the bubbles in agate. It's a nice benny. It was really nice to be able to preserve some of it in that cab. I'll post more as I cab it and you'll see the incredible variety of it.

  4. all of them are gorgeous. i love looking at the stones you do. <3

    1. Thank you! I'm always worried that no one wants to see them. :)


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