Tuesday, October 16, 2012

When Things Go Right

I love it when things go right.

My grand daughter made a miraculous recovery. What the Drs were hoping would happen, finally happened. It took a little longer than they thought it would, but it did. And, what a difference a day makes! She is eating broth and jello and may be home today or tomorrow. :) YAY!

More good news. Many of you contacted me about our fellow jeweler in need and offered her help in various ways. Awesome!!!! You ladies rock!

More... My blog has it's 100th follower (not counting email subscribers)!!! Thank you, Lisa and thank you all for reading along. 

And more... We had another gorgeous day Monday in which I didn't mind getting soaked in shorts and tank top while sawing away. I got some slabs done and about 50 preforms. Yay!

Remember that box of rocks I showed you last post? Well, the kaleidoscope jasper was the first thing that I started cutting yesterday. Here's a cab that we slabbed at my friend's house on Saturday.

I oriented the cut and cab like in the top picture. My older grandson picked it up, turned it around and said it was a forest fire. I think he's right. Great eye! This polished so well that the glare obscures the image a little, but I think you can still make it out.

Kaleidoscope jasper is crazy stuff. One side of that slab was yellow, the other is the one you see. If I ground down any more it would have been even more different. Each rock has a totally different look.

I met a few new rock hounds and put some faces to names at my friend's house on Sat. I was real happy that I had some Kaleidoscope jasper to share. Not too much, though, because we burned up the extension cord on the saw before we could cut very much of it. My friend gave me a little rock, too. Something very special that I have been looking for for the longest time. It's horribly difficult to get and he was like, "Oh that, you can have it." THANK YOU! You'll have to wait and see what it is, though. I slabbed it today and when I cab it, you'll see it. (You'll think it's awesome, too.)

There were more surprises, too. I was made a gift of a Petoskey stone, which I had never seen before and a beautiful little porcelain jasper cab, which is pretty special because I first "met" the cabber while asking her about the sister stone. I also was gifted some Boatite. Yup. Have you seen or heard of Fordite or Detroit agate? Well, Boatite is paint from a boat manufacturer. Too cool. I'll show you some when I cab it. Teasers, I know, but I only have so much time in a day. LOL!

I still had time after my visit with rock friends to visit the hospital and do this orby variscite wrap. Oooo, this stuff is purdy! Some of the emerald green is translucent.

While I got you here, let me show you these tools I picked up. This is a cheap set of punches from Walmart. I got them to punch little circle shapes in sheet metal, but I find that they are awesome small mandrels!

I reach for these all the time now for any number of things. Pretty cool tool to have handy. :) The tip sizes are 1/16", 1/32" and 1/8". Oh, and they are pretty good punches, too.

I'm in such a great mood. I love it when things go right. Here's hoping everything goes right for you, too.



  1. Tela, this is wonderful to hear about your granddaughter. Thank you for sharing this great news with us.

    Your forest fire jasper is stunning. Love the cut and the markings. Your grandson seems to have an eye for pattern. Genetically inclined, perhaps? Fun post!!

    ~Susan B.

    1. Thanks Susan :) Yes, that was my oldest grandson who made the revelation. He's an artist but he doesn't know it, yet. LOL! I'll bring it out in him one way or another.

      My granddaughter is happily back home! YAY!

  2. I'm so happy to hear about your grand daughter. That is wonderful news and we can see from the beautiful work you've created how relieved and elated you must feel. I love that Kaleidoscope Jasper!!!!! That variscite is gorgeous too.

    1. Thanks, I can't wait to cut into some more of the jasper. Literally, every cut displays something different. It should be fun- like treasure hunting.

  3. Tela, I'm so happy for you and your granddaughter, how wonderful!

    That "forest fire" jasper is spot-on - I'm not a big jasper fan (agates!) but that one is admirable. Those punches are cute and how fun they're multi-purpose. I just love finding tools like that!

    1. Hi Rose :) I am learning about more agates as I go. I just won a lot of 9 different slabbettes of agate to check out. My appreciation for them grows. :)

  4. Tela, Your happiness shines through your words! Relieved and delighted to hear about your grand daughter. I know you will be so happy to have her home surrounded by family.

    The cabs are incredible as always. It amazes me what you bring to life. Very cool what another pair of eyes see in a piece.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Christine, yes we are all happy to have the little one home. And man was she starving!!! LOL! We had to make sure she didn't eat too much. :) She'll be back to school tomorrow and life will begin to become normal again with a couple healthy kids under the roof.

      My older grandson with the artistic eye wants to learn cabbing! YAY!!!


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