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Design and Create Your Own Wire Wrapped Cabochon Pendants by Tela Formosa

*****Please note! My ebook is no longer available online. Please contact me if you would like to purchase it. Thank you! tela dot formosa at gmail dot com******
The day has arrived...  I finished my book. Design and Create Your Own Wire Wrapped Cabochon Pendants

Nothing else has existed for me in the last month or so. I have wracked my brain and pushed everything to the limit to create this. I listened to you all. I wove in your ideas and I think I have answered all your questions.

Without rambling on, which I find myself wanting to do, here is the ad for the book. :)
(sample images can be found by clicking the above link.)

Below is taken from the description:  

Your purchase is for more than just a tutorial; this is a true eBook, an all encompassing guide to wire wrapping cabochons. I've been asked so many questions about how I work over the years, and, there seems to be so much interest in a complete break down of how to wire wrap cabochons, that I sat down to write this detailed book to answer all of your questions.
This book is intended for people with some experience in wire wrapping. Very detailed instructions on basic skills is not given. However, it is a very good book to begin with. This is about much more than simply technique. It is intended to help you transcend craftwork into artwork. Technical skill is only a small part of the whole process. It will be good to learn what this book has to offer as you begin your adventure into wire wrapping.
If you have purchased any of my tutorials in the past, know that this is different. It is NOT merely a project driven tutorial. This is a book which gives you a whole new approach to wrapping cabochons. It will give you the tools to design and create YOUR OWN cabochon jewelry. Don't rely on using the designs of others. Reach into yourself and design to reflect your own style.

This is written as if you and I were sitting at a table together. It has a conversational tone and logical flow.

I give you dozens of tips and examples which will both inspire and instruct you. This book will empower and encourage you to create ART versus Craft.

I examine how I evaluate a stone.

I walk you through how I approach a cabochon project.

I take you through a simple wrap from start to finish in order to demonstrate tips along the way.

Another project is done in "real time", while I document each step whilst attemping the completion of a complicated design.

One project is designed to show you how to complete a neat back on your piece.

The emphasis, throughout, is that YOU, too, can design and create your own jewelry.

From the introduction in the book:
Making jewelry with wire is a passion of mine. I have developed my own style over a very long period of trial and error. I never knew any other wire wrappers and there were precious few resources that I could find online back when I started, in 1999. There are so many available now that a good question might be, “Why do I need another tutorial or book?” Well, because this one is different. I'm not going to spend a third of this rehashing old information about tools, findings and wire. I am going to talk about what makes what you do, Art. How do you transcend Craft and create Art? Good technique is one way to craft well, but what gives a piece that extra spark? I examine that and more.

You'll see how to work with the stone not against it; how to incorporate the energy of the stone- that thing that makes it speak to you, be it the shape, color, pattern, a combination, or, something else. How does one listen to the stone? Once you have learned how to work with the stone, you will learn not just technique, but when to use the technique to best bring out the stone's beauty. You will learn the Gestalt Theory of Wire wrapping. The theory that a well made piece transcends the parts it is made of. The stone will be emphasized, the technique will be done in a way so as not to distract from the stone, but contribute to the overall beauty and quality of the piece.
Chapter list:
1 Introduction
2 Gestalt Theory of Wire Wrapping
3 Right Brain
4 Tools
5 Wire
6 Cabochons
7 Designing For The Stone
8 A Basic Project
9 Preparation
10 Let's Begin Wrapping
11 Binding
12 The Border Frame
13 Bails
14 Finishing
15 Review
16 Working Out A Complicated Design
17 Backs
18 Conclusion
19 Resources
Tips Index

There are 102 pages and over 200 great quality, relevant pictures to fully document my approach to wire wrapping cabochons.

The download is 6.55mb pdf.

Along with the purchase of this eBook comes a second, BONUS, ebooklet, adapted from the series on my blog; What I Look for in a Stone. It has 22 pages and 37 images. It is 1.1mb. This text goes along well with the eBook and supports the chapter on cabochons. Rather than reading it online, I am providing you with this convenient pdf.


  1. What, no comment yet? I suppose everybody is busy giving Thanksgiving thanks. ;-) Except those outside of the US, like me.

    I've had a brief glimpse at the ebook so far, and it reads so well (just like the blog), and has drawn me in immediately, but I had to stop for annoying RL reasons.
    I also think that 10$ is a VERY VERY good bargain for this tutorial/ebook.

    1. LOL! You are numero uno! Thank you Renate, it's good to know that my baby, oops, I mean book, reads well. :)

  2. I will be buying this soon. It sounds wonderful!

    1. I hope you enjoy it when you get a chance to pick it up. :)

  3. I am so excited! I've just purchased it and want to thank you right away. What perfect timing for me, my daughter and I have been at Mayo since Tuesday. This will be a welcome relief to be able to explore your book while waiting for doctors to come back after the long weekend. I've thoroughly enjoyed your other tutorials and I know I will this one too. Thank you, thank you!

    1. Hi Kate, I wish the best for your daughter! I'm hoping too that this book will take your mind off your troubles, even if only for a little while.

  4. From the time that you, Tela, started talking about your e book on your blog I was excited to see what would materialize. You asked us to make suggestions on what we would like to see in your e book. I remember my suggestion was finishing the backs of the work. That is always something that I felt added a dimension of professionalism to each pendant; to see a finished front AND back.

    When I awoke this morning I got to see this amazing book first hand. This exceeded my expectations and my expectations of anything that you do is pretty high. Everything, from the tools, tips, Right Brain thinking, to the close up photos and the step by step process and added bonus of how to choose a stone opened my eyes and heart to endless possibilities. I plan on spending more time reading this e book more thoroughly, but for now it feels like Christmas morning on my computer perusing the contents of something long awaited. Oh, and your section on finishing the backs of the cabochons is stunning. Tela, you have done a great job with this. I feel that the backs are as beautiful as the fronts the way that you have designed the reverse sides. And you demonstrated so well how to go about this finishing technique with great precision photography and instructions. This ten dollars that I spent on your e book was the best ten dollars I have spent in years. Your heart and artistic spirit communicated in this e book has left an indelible impression on my own creative life. It will change how I think and work with wire. Thank you very much!!


    1. Hi Susan! :) Wow! Can I hire you, LOL! Thank you very much!

  5. I just purchased your tutorial, Tela. It looks awesome and I can't wait to learn from you. I've long admired your style and if I can design anything that comes close to the artistry of your work, I'll be thrilled!!!


    1. Girl, you totally have it going on already! If my book helps you to round out your own style, in any way, then I am glad to have offered it. :)

  6. Cindy H was in Texas (now Missouri)November 24, 2012 at 11:40 AM

    I'm so excited & thankful that you shared your knowledge & expertise! I'm busted flat right now, but will get this when I can. Congrats on finishing this project! Best wishes.

    1. Argh! I just made a post to you and it disappeared. Here we go again....

      I will always think of you as Cindy in Texas :) I hope the move was a good one for you.

      Thanks for the congrats. :) I worked really hard on this and after I called it as done as it was gonna get, I sat back and had a nice cold beer.

  7. I have been a subscriber to your blog for some time now and have loved reading about your journey in cabbing and wire work. I love the clean lines of your work and they look deceptively simple but having worked in wire now for a while now I know how difficult it can be to achieve that elegant and balanced look. Being able to wire work a cab has been something I have wanted to do for some time but I have always been reticent to try as it was something that needed extra skills - so this e-book is absolutely perfect - thank you so much for taking the time to write and photograph your thinking and work - this is exactly what I need. I would recommend this for everyone wanting to wire work a cabochon. Thank you Tela

    1. Hi Fee :) Thank you so much for the kind words. I hope this book will help you to achieve your design ideas and provide enough tips to get a neat wrap done.

  8. The best Black Friday bargain I ever got! An awesome compendium. Thank you so much, Tela, for sharing your knowlege and experience.


    1. So glad you like it, Joyce, especially the intuition bits. :)

  9. Hi Tela...I was out of town when you first offered this and waited (anxiously) until I got home so I could have this download on my own computer. I ordered it almost immediately once we got home and have been perusing all the pages and will soon settle down and read it through from front to back. I agree that this is a wonderful bargain and I just know my wrapping skills will benefit greatly from it.

    Thanks for your efforts..I think you should have had the whole six-pack of beer when finished!

    1. You are most welcome, Susan. I hope it lives up to your expectations. :)

      I only had one beer, the rest I had on my birthday a few days later. :) Maybe too many, actually. LOL!


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