Friday, December 14, 2012

Some Weavin' and Wrappin'

As promised, here a few pieces that I have recently done. To be honest, I have managed more than I thought I could with the cabbing, illness, Christmas bustle and general holiday mayhem.

I got on a weaving kick after a did a weave on a penny.

I don't know what got into me, going from this tiny penny to this humungous variscite...

variscite 47x27mm

 ... but I did the finest netting on a soldered frame and I'm in love with the silver with this beautiful, delicate green.

I was so happy with the variscite, that I did another weave. (Plus, it gave me an excuse to do a little soldering, which I am beginning to enjoy.) The next weave was done to a gorgeous raspberry red aventurine. There is no way a picture can convey the sparkliness of this stone. The weave looks really fabulous with this stone.

raspberry red aventurine 32.5mm
After all that weaving my neck and fingers needed a break, so I did some simple wraps.

I love astrophyllite and this one is really nice!

I gave a finish to a piece I had in my book. This mookaite stole my heart at a recent gemshow.

I couldn't wait any longer to wrap up a recently finished lapis cab.

large lapis with pyrite speckles in stainless steel

And last but not least, is a new one for me, a green Mojave turquoise. It's just as vivid as it's cousin purple/blue Mojave turquoise.

I've been really jazzed up to get a few of my recent cabs wraps.

Thanks for reading and have a happy jewelry day. :)


  1. Oh man, am I ever feeling that weave on the penny. What a wonderful design and wrap. Can you give up your secret for how to get those loops to look so even? When I do this, my loops work harden by the third loop with or without subtle heat.


  2. Hi Susan :) I wish I could take credit for the weave, but I can't. It's actually a derivation of something I found online. I would link to it, but the author took it down. As for the hardening, when you pull a wire make sure that it doesn't touch any other metal on it's way to where you want it. (Or, touches it as little as possible.) As it rubs other sections of metal, it will harden with a cumulative effect. Also, when you hold the wire, hold it close to where you are working- if that makes any sense. That way, what you are hardening will be used before it is too hard to work with.


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