Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Another Passion

Excuse me while I indulge in and share with you a few things that I really love.

I have mentioned that I am a science geek. However, dealing with numbers leaves my head spinning, so I'd rather follow sci fi, ie, the speculative art of science.

I also love this site- Teefury. Every day, they post a new t-shirt that is available for one day only.

Here's a few that I missed :( (all copied from

Can you guess who these science guys are?

'Allo, care for a spot of tea? (Great mash up of two of my favorites! Can you guess which two?)

Who can resist these great Dr. Who shirts? I've been a fan ever since the days of Tom Baker, when I would run home from school to catch The good Doctor and Dark Shadows on our PBS station. Yes, we go waaaaay back. Now that he has a budget to work with, he's even more cool, and so are bowties.  

  The t-shirts above are all great, but sadly, I don't own them. :( I just found out about the site and I'm now addicted to watching for the new shirt each day.

I did get this one for DH. He's a big fan of Big Trouble in Little China.

Now you know, I love a few more things than rocks. LOL! Maybe one day, I'll share my unusual taste in music. :)

BTW-- Spam has been a huge problem for us bloggers lately. They can be clever enough to get past the filters. If you see some in the comments-- Don't click their links! I want to leave my blog open for comments without a capcha to fill in first, mostly because I can't stand doing them myself, so if you see any, just ignore it and I'll try to catch it to delete it.

And.... here's a pretty Valentine pink piece of rhodochrosite. :)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bruneau Jasper, Carrisite and Phosphosiderite

Today is Sunday. I'll be wrapping here soon, but I wanted to share these. Each one represents a challenge. The first, the phosphosiderite from Chile, was a challenge to work out; the second, the bruneau jasper, was a challenge to design; the third, the carrisite jasper agate, was a challenge because I'm not used to using 22g and so it felt ridiculously thin in my hands.

Yesterday was a great wrapping day. I felt liberated, for some reason. Some days, I feel like I can't wrap a thing and others days, the rocks wrap themselves. I was in the groove. :) I had a few bad moments and I am glad to say that a friend came to my aid and really helped me out. That is the subject of another post, though. But, I want to thank her heartily. 

I had been planning to do a tute on the blog about tumbling. After a lot of thought, I have decided against it. I am not an authority on the subject. I would hate to tell people what I do and then have them ruin a precious stone of their own. I just don't want to be responsible for that. I do what I do, because I don't mind taking risks. And, that's the best advice I can give you:  Be willing to take risks. The same applies to designing and wrapping. Be willing to crack a few eggs. Go for the gusto. Jump in with both feet first. Just do it. :)

As I have been sticking to my resolutions. I have also been reevaluating a lot of the things that I do. I will be making some changes here soon. I had considered giving up the blog. But, I have decided that I want it to be more of a journal than anything else. Frankly, I don't have the time or energy for it to be anything else. So, I don't foresee doing any more tutes on the blog or contests. It will remain, essentially, my jewelry and rock journal. With occasional bouts of angst and glory; philosophical meandering and facts.

Thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sticking To It

Why have I been gone so long? Because I am sticking to my resolution to be nicer to myself. I am away from the computer more and doing the things that I love to do.

We had some freaky warm January weather and I spent a lot of time cabbing. So much so that I almost forgot how to wrap. :) I don't have any pictures, though, because I have forgotten which ones I did. Doh! Oh wait, here's one- this one is really special. It was tricky to do and it proves to myself that I am now a cabber. I was so excited after I was finished that I didn't even clean up my hands before getting pictures. This super gemmy chrysoprase cab has a couple little druzy pockets which opened up during the grinding, but I could care less. Those inside curves were hard to polish but I managed. This is actually a freeform- I didn't use a template. To date, I think this is my best. (Anything that looks like scratches is actually some chryoprase webbing coming to the surface. trust me, there are no scratches in this.)

Thanks for allowing me to brag. This one really gets my heart going. :)

Now, I have a tip for y'all. A friend told me about this seller on eBay who has reconditioned cutters for cheap. I hope this link works. She got several pairs and told me about the Erem brand of cutters. I got a pair to try. YES, YES, YES!!!! Great cutters! Nice and solid, clean cut and comfortable. They are Swiss made and generally very expensive. Bye bye, disappointing Lindstrom. The seller I linked to is very good, too, and if you ever get a bum pair, he'll hook you up. :) I bought a pair as a gift already- I like them that much.

I have another tip. I met a guy online who makes fabulous stone earrings. I'm funny about earrings for myself. They can't be too frilly because I hate it when things get caught in my hair. I don't like heavy earrings, either. My ear holes are bad enough with all the kids tugging on them over the years. So, I was real excited to see these by Gerard. He has a website here and an Etsy store appropriately called, Big Light Slab Earrings, which has more of his earrings. What he does is slice very thin slabs of very choice rocks and makes simple earrings out of them. You get a whole lot of yummy stone look without all the weight and fuss! A perfect world for me. The Hell's Canyon petrified wood earrings below are just one of the very nice choices of stone he has. He just put some hearts up, too. No, I am not affiliated with him or his stores. I just thought the earrings are really awesome and right up my alley.

Photo and Earring Copyright Teton Art Gallery

Speaking of cabs, I moved my cab sales to Etsy. I have so many now, I need to sell them faster. Every cab sale supports my rock habit. :) I even put porno cab on Etsy. LOL! But, honestly, putting them on Etsy also means that I only have one shop for cabs that I have to maintain. See, I'm trying to manage my time better and stick to my resolution.

As for wrapping... when I could squeeze it in, I tried a few different things. I did some earrings from small earring cabs that I did. I've been working on making smaller cabs. Not that I don't love my big stones more, because I do.

Hicoryite Sterling Silver earrings
Then I wrapped a few really small stones that I cabbed. One is a very rare and beautiful dendritic opal from Turkey. I got some on ebay and a little piece was broken off, so I cabbed it. Waste not, want not. :) Next is a little gemmy charoite. Charoite is becoming so rare and expensive now. I'm so glad I got some before the price escalated.

I wrapped up a kaleidoscope jasper which has the image of a cave painting with a bear. At least, that's what my husband saw and now that's all I can see.

And... I have to add these two of my favorite stones. A gorgeous Indonesian Petrified Bird's Eye Palm Root or wood and a really awesome jasper agate given to me by a friend.

OK, a couple more, just because I like them. :) One, a brekian jasper, was also given to me by a friend. :) It was done following my own tute because I forgot how to do it. LOL! The other is a beautiful Noreena that I cabbed and couldn't wait to wrap.

I'll close this rambling blog post with my good buddy, Cat. He's cuddling with his Daddy while Dad tries to surf.

Oh, my grand daughter says, HI! :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!!!!

Well, it seems I'm late to my own blog. Today being the second and not the first, I mean. In my defense, I was waiting for everyone to go back to school or work, so I could think properly, or nearly so.

Christmas has come and gone. It was wonderful. But, now it's time to get down to business. Yes, it's time to think about resolutions.

I wish I could tell you that all my resolutions will revolve around jewelry. Don't laugh. They often do. This year, though, after lots of thought, I realized that for me the pressing issues are those of time. And, after all, a year is a measure of time, too. So, it's fitting.

I need and want to manage my time better.

I want and need more time for me. I have been short changing myself. I'm in need of "me time".  I need to be kinder to myself. I need to better to myself. But, somehow, I am always last on my list of things to do. So, starting today, I have determined to set aside some quality "Tela Time". :)

I, also, need to manage my jewelry time against business time. The two have become synonymous. I am not happy with that. I sometimes feel like a hamster in a wheel. I need to separate my jewelry time from business time in order to really maximize my quality creative time.  Nothing is worse than being in the groove and having to stop for work. So, starting today, I am making a schedule for work and creating. Now, I just have to stick with it, or allow it to morph into a workable situation.

I want and need some couple time. Having everyone move back in, put a real damper on quality time with DH. We need to get out more and do more together.

I want and need time to be more active. Spending so much time at my bench/table and computer has been terrible for me. As my rheumatologist says, "Use it, or lose it." As soon as I am able to wear shoes and not sandals, I plan to get more walking in. I used to walk soooooo much and love going for walks. The bones in my feet suffer from my auto immune disease, so it has been really hard to get in any walking or hiking. BUT, I am determined!

In the case of weight loss, I prefer to think of it as turning back time. I need to go back a year. Since everyone moved in and our diets radically changed, I have gained about 50 pounds. Not good for anyone, least of all me with my bone and health issues. Believe it or not, weight loss will be the easiest thing on my list. I've never found it hard to lose weight-- or to gain weight. LOL!

And lastly, even though it doesn't really involve time- unless you count needing more to do it- I plan to do more on the blog. In fact, I have plans to a little free tute on tumbling very soon. :)

So, that ends my short list of, mostly, selfish resolutions.

Even with the house full of people and so much going on, I had to make a few pieces and get some cabs done. I don't think I showed you these before, anyway.

Chopstick Agate
Belvade Jasper
Deschutes Jasper
Ocean Jasper
Andean Opal (sold)
Prenite and Lepidolite
Ocean Jasper

 Thanks for reading and have a safe, healthy, prosperous and happy New Year!