Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!!!!

Well, it seems I'm late to my own blog. Today being the second and not the first, I mean. In my defense, I was waiting for everyone to go back to school or work, so I could think properly, or nearly so.

Christmas has come and gone. It was wonderful. But, now it's time to get down to business. Yes, it's time to think about resolutions.

I wish I could tell you that all my resolutions will revolve around jewelry. Don't laugh. They often do. This year, though, after lots of thought, I realized that for me the pressing issues are those of time. And, after all, a year is a measure of time, too. So, it's fitting.

I need and want to manage my time better.

I want and need more time for me. I have been short changing myself. I'm in need of "me time".  I need to be kinder to myself. I need to better to myself. But, somehow, I am always last on my list of things to do. So, starting today, I have determined to set aside some quality "Tela Time". :)

I, also, need to manage my jewelry time against business time. The two have become synonymous. I am not happy with that. I sometimes feel like a hamster in a wheel. I need to separate my jewelry time from business time in order to really maximize my quality creative time.  Nothing is worse than being in the groove and having to stop for work. So, starting today, I am making a schedule for work and creating. Now, I just have to stick with it, or allow it to morph into a workable situation.

I want and need some couple time. Having everyone move back in, put a real damper on quality time with DH. We need to get out more and do more together.

I want and need time to be more active. Spending so much time at my bench/table and computer has been terrible for me. As my rheumatologist says, "Use it, or lose it." As soon as I am able to wear shoes and not sandals, I plan to get more walking in. I used to walk soooooo much and love going for walks. The bones in my feet suffer from my auto immune disease, so it has been really hard to get in any walking or hiking. BUT, I am determined!

In the case of weight loss, I prefer to think of it as turning back time. I need to go back a year. Since everyone moved in and our diets radically changed, I have gained about 50 pounds. Not good for anyone, least of all me with my bone and health issues. Believe it or not, weight loss will be the easiest thing on my list. I've never found it hard to lose weight-- or to gain weight. LOL!

And lastly, even though it doesn't really involve time- unless you count needing more to do it- I plan to do more on the blog. In fact, I have plans to a little free tute on tumbling very soon. :)

So, that ends my short list of, mostly, selfish resolutions.

Even with the house full of people and so much going on, I had to make a few pieces and get some cabs done. I don't think I showed you these before, anyway.

Chopstick Agate
Belvade Jasper
Deschutes Jasper
Ocean Jasper
Andean Opal (sold)
Prenite and Lepidolite
Ocean Jasper

 Thanks for reading and have a safe, healthy, prosperous and happy New Year!


  1. Your resolutions sound wonderful! Take care of Tela, I love it. Mine is to try and finish projects I've started and not finished before begining new ones. That is going to be tough..LOL Have a wonderful new year!

  2. Happy New Year Tela! Your resolutions sound positive and to me they don't seem selfish.
    The cabs you have wrapped are beautiful as always. The ocean jasper bubbles with life.
    I look forward to your tutorial!

  3. Tela, what gorgeous pendants!!! I love the Ocean Jasper.

    I like your resolutions. Keeping working and creating time separate is a very smart idea. :)

  4. Tela, I forgot to add how hard it has to be to balance creative time with the business end of it. May this year bring you balance!


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