Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sticking To It

Why have I been gone so long? Because I am sticking to my resolution to be nicer to myself. I am away from the computer more and doing the things that I love to do.

We had some freaky warm January weather and I spent a lot of time cabbing. So much so that I almost forgot how to wrap. :) I don't have any pictures, though, because I have forgotten which ones I did. Doh! Oh wait, here's one- this one is really special. It was tricky to do and it proves to myself that I am now a cabber. I was so excited after I was finished that I didn't even clean up my hands before getting pictures. This super gemmy chrysoprase cab has a couple little druzy pockets which opened up during the grinding, but I could care less. Those inside curves were hard to polish but I managed. This is actually a freeform- I didn't use a template. To date, I think this is my best. (Anything that looks like scratches is actually some chryoprase webbing coming to the surface. trust me, there are no scratches in this.)

Thanks for allowing me to brag. This one really gets my heart going. :)

Now, I have a tip for y'all. A friend told me about this seller on eBay who has reconditioned cutters for cheap. I hope this link works. She got several pairs and told me about the Erem brand of cutters. I got a pair to try. YES, YES, YES!!!! Great cutters! Nice and solid, clean cut and comfortable. They are Swiss made and generally very expensive. Bye bye, disappointing Lindstrom. The seller I linked to is very good, too, and if you ever get a bum pair, he'll hook you up. :) I bought a pair as a gift already- I like them that much.

I have another tip. I met a guy online who makes fabulous stone earrings. I'm funny about earrings for myself. They can't be too frilly because I hate it when things get caught in my hair. I don't like heavy earrings, either. My ear holes are bad enough with all the kids tugging on them over the years. So, I was real excited to see these by Gerard. He has a website here and an Etsy store appropriately called, Big Light Slab Earrings, which has more of his earrings. What he does is slice very thin slabs of very choice rocks and makes simple earrings out of them. You get a whole lot of yummy stone look without all the weight and fuss! A perfect world for me. The Hell's Canyon petrified wood earrings below are just one of the very nice choices of stone he has. He just put some hearts up, too. No, I am not affiliated with him or his stores. I just thought the earrings are really awesome and right up my alley.

Photo and Earring Copyright Teton Art Gallery

Speaking of cabs, I moved my cab sales to Etsy. I have so many now, I need to sell them faster. Every cab sale supports my rock habit. :) I even put porno cab on Etsy. LOL! But, honestly, putting them on Etsy also means that I only have one shop for cabs that I have to maintain. See, I'm trying to manage my time better and stick to my resolution.

As for wrapping... when I could squeeze it in, I tried a few different things. I did some earrings from small earring cabs that I did. I've been working on making smaller cabs. Not that I don't love my big stones more, because I do.

Hicoryite Sterling Silver earrings
Then I wrapped a few really small stones that I cabbed. One is a very rare and beautiful dendritic opal from Turkey. I got some on ebay and a little piece was broken off, so I cabbed it. Waste not, want not. :) Next is a little gemmy charoite. Charoite is becoming so rare and expensive now. I'm so glad I got some before the price escalated.

I wrapped up a kaleidoscope jasper which has the image of a cave painting with a bear. At least, that's what my husband saw and now that's all I can see.

And... I have to add these two of my favorite stones. A gorgeous Indonesian Petrified Bird's Eye Palm Root or wood and a really awesome jasper agate given to me by a friend.

OK, a couple more, just because I like them. :) One, a brekian jasper, was also given to me by a friend. :) It was done following my own tute because I forgot how to do it. LOL! The other is a beautiful Noreena that I cabbed and couldn't wait to wrap.

I'll close this rambling blog post with my good buddy, Cat. He's cuddling with his Daddy while Dad tries to surf.

Oh, my grand daughter says, HI! :)


  1. Oh Tela! I was becoming so worried about you and your absence from the blog. I am glad it was all about your having fun with the cabs and not another setback with the psoriasis stuff.

    These are absolutely gorgeous, I love your style so much.

    1. Thanks, Susan :) No, my flare up, the worst ever, is over- thank goodness.

  2. Thanks for the call out!

  3. Tela, wow!!! Wonderful job on the freeform cab, and everything else you've made is awesome, too. Seriously, amazing job. :)

    1. Thanks Sarah :) I'm awfully proud of that cab.

  4. Beautiful work as always :) Thanks for the link and info on cutters.
    Have a beautiful day!

    1. Hi Gina, I hope all is well with you :) Those cutters are a great deal. I have 2 now and I love them!

  5. Hey Tela, So happy you have taken advantage of time to do what you love! The chrysoprase cab is outstanding! You must feel very proud. As always you have wrapped some beauties. I am in awe!

    1. Hi Christine! Thank you, I am proud of the cab, I don't mind saying. It makes me feel like I know what I'm doing, LOL!


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