Monday, February 25, 2013

Going Local

No, I'm not selling local. Lordy, I haven't the energy for that. No, I was asked by a fellow Etsian, Trista of TAlyse, to do an interview on her brand new blog. The focus of her blog is to highlight shops and artists local to us here in Virginia Beach and the greater Tidewater area. I think that's a fabulous idea, so I gave a little interview for her blog. Good luck to her and her really great idea!

As you have noticed, I have been absent as of late. You know what? I think I get SAD or seasonal affective disorder. I don't know, I've never talked to a doc about it, but I can sure get into a funk in the Winter. 100 times, I have sat down to do a blog entry and just couldn't summon the energy or the words. You ever get like that in the Winter? Thank goodness, it's almost over. I can feel Spring creeping into me. :)

My Etsy shop just passed the 100th sale this past weekend. Yay! It's been sooooo much work, but it has been fun meeting so many wonderful Etsians.

I'm still trying to get my life and priorities arranged. You may have noticed that I have taken down my tutes and book. I wrote a blog post about it and will post it soon as an explanation.

Though my muse has been sluggish to nonexistent, I have managed to finish up some pieces recently. They are all listed at etsy, but here are a couple that I really like.

Rare AZ Gem Silica Chrysocolla and Sterling Silver

Rare Nuummite from Greenland in sterling silver
Really cool azurite and malachite with natural surface in copper
Cuprite- Some of you might recognize this stone and wrap. :)

That's it for now. Thanks for reading. Bare with me during my slump. "I'll be back." To quote Schwarzenegger. :) I may even get some cabbing done soon to show y'all some pretty rocks.

BTW- I'm terribly sorry to say that you will now have to prove you are human to comment. You wouldn't believe how much spam my blog has been getting. Please don't let it stop you from commenting. I love to hear from you. :)


  1. Hey Tela, So happy to see this post as I was just about to write you an email checking in. You have been missed, my friend!

    It sounds like the past few months have been difficult ones. Happy spring is almost here.

    Always happy to see the pieces you have wrapped. I especially like the azurite and malachite.

    Be gentle with yourself!

    1. Hi Christine :) Yeah, Jan and Feb are usually quite muddle headed for me. I just keep thinking- It's almost over, it's almost over... :) I'm not so bad that I need meds or anything, but these last 2 months of Winter always get to me. I can't complain though, we've had a pretty mild Winter. I never went into full hibernation mode. LOL!

  2. Hi Tela. I'm so happy to hear from you. I've been wondering how you've been. Your pendants are always so beautiful. I understand SAD. That is why my hubby and I both live in Florida for six months. It was a hard decision to quit our jobs and five years later we have no regrets. Spring will be here soon and that is such a pretty season.

    I'm having a rough time of it learning how to solder. Sometimes I can and more often I can't. I'm seriously thinking of taking a class with Don Norris. I'm a patient person, good thing! There are so many variables. Maybe the torch is too small, maybe the solder is dirty, maybe the connection isn't perfect.... I'm surprised I still have hair on my head!

    Again I'm very happy to hear from you. You've been missed!

    1. Hi Kate :) I fully understand about your move. When I lived in Florida, I never had these problems. I'm glad for you that you were able to make the move. :)

      Girl, soldering tries my last nerve sometimes. It's true, sometimes, when everything is perfect it still won't work and then sometimes when it shouldn't, it works beautifully. I'd like to take a class, too. I haven't tried anything too ambitious, but I'd like to. My biggest thing is that I loath working with flux! That stuff is so nasty and messy. It makes pieces float away form each other, too. Ugh! I have better luck soldering flux free copper than doing silver with flux.

      I've missed you all, too. :)

  3. Hi Tela, Guess I'm not the only one who misses hearing from you and seeing your latest beautiful creations. I think most people have a hard time this time of year. It starts the day after Christmas and goes until the first brave little flower sticks its brave little head out of the ground.
    Hope all is well with you and your family as we start this count down to Spring! Hang in there. We are all looking forward to your next post.

    1. Thank you, Gina :) If I had known I would get such warm support, I would have posted sooner. :) With Spring just around the corner, I feel the cobwebs beginning to fall off.

      I hope you and yours are doing well, also.

  4. Tela,
    I've missed reading your blogs. Glad you are feeling better. I understand how you feel. I get "sluggish" between New Years and the beginning of daylight savings time and and don't seem to accomplish much either.

    I hope you will be able to put your tuts and books back up soon. I bought your book and loved it! Even though I solder more than wire wrap these days the design principles apply to both techniques.

    1. Hi Kathy! I've missed hearing from you, too. You've reminded me that I need to check out your shop and see what beauties you have come up with.

      Hopefully, we'll be back to our regular routines soon. :)

      Thank you for the comment on my book. It is very nice to hear especially coming from a "smithy". :) Maybe you can do a book or video on soldering. I could sure use it. Silver soldering is beating me up. LOL!

    2. I am a mere beginner to soldering so I wouldn't presume to teach anyone else. The only thing different I do is use a lot of copper in my work. "Silver"smiths seem to think it's something mysterious and hard to work with--but it's not. What helps me is going to a weekly "class" at my local senior center. There is are 4 other people and get advice and help from each other. We have a teacher but she only helps if we have a problem or question. It's very informal and everyone has way more experience than I do so I get lots of help when I need it which keeps me from being frustrated.

      I haven't posted anything new in my shop for ages and posted little on Flickr--although I have been working on stuff. I need to get my butt in gear on both fronts! I am not doing shows this spring so I thought I would have time to get my shop in better shape. So far it hasn't worked out--I've had too many other projects going.

    3. Thanks for the reminder to check out classes in my area. It's a big area, there have to be some classes in the area somewhere. It would be nice to find something similar to what you found. I definitely need to see soldering up close and personal. I seem to be missing something and I bet it is simple, too. Nerve-wracking. LOL!

      I did check your artfire- shame on you :) I was looking forward to seeing your new work. I'd love to see it. I'm not sure I know about your flickr. I know how it is though, whenever I *think* I have free time for those loose ends, a project falls into my lap which I can't resist.

  5. Have you had your vitD levels tested? Research published by Grassroots Health from the D*Action study shows that 97.5% of the adult population needs to take 9,600 IU's of vitamin D per day in order to elevate their levels above 40ng/ml, which they believe is the absolute minimum for disease prevention.

    Hope all will be better soon!


    1. Thanks Cindy :)

      I had forgotten about that, but you are right. I only don't worry about mine because my wonderful doctor checks my levels every 3 months. It's part of my routine blood work. DH has to take a supplement, but my levels have always been good. I chalk it up to the no fat milk in my daily coffees. I've read a lot about Vitamin D levels and the epidemic shortage of it in Americans. I'm lucky that my doctor's mother is very good homeopath and some of it rubbed off on him. He's also big on B shots.

  6. How can I prove I'm human when a lot of the time I'm not so sure myself?

    I hope Spring perks you up soon. I really get spoiled by the weather here in the Bay Area, but sometimes it's not the weather so much as the short days and the darkness. To work in the dark; home in the dark. It's a grind.

    How's your granddaughter?

    1. Hi, sorry it has taken me so long to respond. DH and I are on a mini vacation.

      That's a good question and one I can relate to, especially in the morning before my coffee. LOL!

      Spring will perk me up- it's just a matter of when it will get here. We are facing down a potential snowstorm tomorrow. Spring is late this year. Shouldn't complain, though, it really has been a mild Winter, so far.


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