Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Assorted Cabs and a Rock Pup

Now that I have gotten a few cabs out of my system, I need to get wrapping. :) Almost all of these cabs were from rough that I got from my rock friend. We swap rocks, so we always have something new. Getting a new box is like getting a box of chocolates- especially if it contains caramel colored Bruno (bruneau jasper). BTW- that swoop bruno in the video was covered in dust - just ignore it. Bruno takes the most fabulous polish which seems to attract dust.

While I was doming the snowflake obsidian, a little natural inclusion opened up. If you pause and look close at the the center, you might notice it. It looks like a little diamond is embedded in the cab. It glitters just the tiniest amount, which, of course you can't see in a picture, but I wish you could. It's really awesome and just one of those surprises you get when you start cutting into a rock.

Last weekend the whole family, excluding DH and I, went up to Luray Caverns in the Northern Virginia, Shenandoah Valley. Of course, they were all looking for cool rocks, too. :) Grandma got some rocks from the gift shop and my son found a cool rock for me which I insisted that he keep to slab and cab. So, tomorrow, he will cab his first cab with a rock he found for himself in the mountains. Too cool! Makes me wish I had gone. (I've been there before and I didn't want to slow them down. Besides- grandma and grandpa need their quiet time.)

My Rock Pup grandson. :)

Thanks for indulging me in my delight. :)


  1. Wonderful as always! How great to have your son and your grandson show an interest in your passion. Rock on :)

  2. Tela, It brought tears to my eyes to see you sharing your passion with your adorable grandson! It was wise you stayed home from Luray as I remember , from years ago, it is glorious but a difficult walk/hike.

    The cabs are so varied and beautiful. I was able to see the spark in the obsidian..such mysteries and surprises these rocks hold.

    Thank you for sharing!

  3. I saw the inclusion, too! How exciting. I have a piece of jasper that I found in a dry wash in New Mexico years ago and brought it home and tumbled and polished it. I then wrapped it into a pendant with copper wire. I wear it myself, not wanting to give up the one I found and made into jewelry "from the ground up"! It is free form, not cabbed, but I love that about it.


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