Thursday, June 20, 2013

Explained? The Idea in the Dark

I ran across this article the other day:  Darkness Sparks Creativity: How Dim Lighting Raises Self-Determination And Lowers Inhibitions. It made me think of all those times that I, like so many others, get those fabulous ideas while laying in bed at night in the dark. What about the dim bulb, you say? Well, how many of us have dim light streaming in or an alarm clock light? If I had a grant, I'd study it. :)


  1. Ah ha!! Some of the most profound ideas come to the mind when drifting to sleep, don't they? It is for this reason I keep a small sketch book on my bedside table and will sit up in bed and draw a draft or write an idea so that the remainder of the night can be peaceful instead of trying to hold the memory of the concept all through the sleeping hours. Also, I wonder if dim light triggers our response to slow down and go inward a bit to prepare for sleep. When I am able to go inward either through meditation or sleep those ideas fire like well tuned spark plugs. Thanks for sharing this article, Tela. It was a fascinating read.


  2. This explains a lot. When I am trying to design a custom piece I can spend hours drawing pictures and just not get it quite right. Then I sleep and in my dreams I build the piece perfectly. I have to hurry and draw it all out as soon as I wake up or it's forgotten. SO now I know if I'm struggling, turn out the lights close my eyes and "poof" there it is...LOL. Reminds me of some things you wrote in your book :)
    Have a great weekend. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. I think there's some truth to that. Many is the time I've been struggling with a math problem late at night and gone to bed frustrated...only to awaken in the middle of the night with the correct solution. Yeah...I dream about math. It's a drag...I'd rather dream about girls.

    -Eric (you know which one)


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