Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Retired Tutorials

I have given this a lot of thought. I have retired my tutorials and my book.

I thank everyone who has shown an interest in my work. I thank everyone who has bought a tutorial. I thank everyone for the overwhelmingly good feedback that I have gotten. I thank everyone for the continued support you have given me. Big hugs to everyone!!!

I began writing tutes at JL because there was so much interest in my work. Lord knows, I didn't do it for the money, but for the love of what I do. I realized that my style was a bit different. But, to me, it is just what I do. I tried to translate what I do into tutes. I never really felt like I was able to present the work well enough, though.

A funny thing about being a working artist:  You never stop evolving. Some of my older tutes now feel dated to me. As my own work and technique improves and/or changes, I feel that this-or-that could be done differently or better. Having something written down feels very permanent. Just like all of you, I am a work in progress. I don't like the feeling of being held to something that I may no longer think represents my work well.  So, unless I revamp/edit all of my tutes, I just don't want to keep offering them. Perhaps, in the future, that is what I'll do. But, not before my mind is very clear about the direction I would take.

I have gotten so many questions and have had so many conversations with you all, that I believed that doing a book that tried to encompass the whole of my approach would be most helpful. That- according to what I was hearing. So, initially, I wrote it for the readers of my blog who, having read or followed the blog, understand me and my style to some extent. It was never meant to be a flat out project tutorial, rather, it was supposed to be... well... what it is, or what I feel it is, a whole look at what I do. It was meant to inspire and encourage as well as to enlighten. I had hoped that some of the finer points would be helpful, as well. I do believe that I hit upon what it was that I was after. I am very proud of it and I think I did a fair job of it.

I offered the book on Etsy and it did well, with only one person complaining and many positive emails. As my husband would say, "It sounds like there is a 'but' in there" and there is. I had the book in mind for my blog readers. I think a lot of the book is lost on people who don't know me, my blog or my work. It seems unfair (for buyers) and little uncomfortable (for me) to drop people into my personal blog mode. Perhaps, I will put it back on my blog soon. I need to think about it. It will not be on Etsy because of the general audience, so to speak. Besides, Etsy doesn't have automatic downloads, which became quite time consuming and aggravating. (There's that time management thing again.)

Perhaps, in the future, I will offer the book again and maybe write fresh tutes and/or edit the old ones.

If you have made it through my ramble, thank you for taking the time. If this sounded a little self indulgent, it was. I, personally, needed to offer an explanation. :)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Going Local

No, I'm not selling local. Lordy, I haven't the energy for that. No, I was asked by a fellow Etsian, Trista of TAlyse, to do an interview on her brand new blog. The focus of her blog is to highlight shops and artists local to us here in Virginia Beach and the greater Tidewater area. I think that's a fabulous idea, so I gave a little interview for her blog. Good luck to her and her really great idea!

As you have noticed, I have been absent as of late. You know what? I think I get SAD or seasonal affective disorder. I don't know, I've never talked to a doc about it, but I can sure get into a funk in the Winter. 100 times, I have sat down to do a blog entry and just couldn't summon the energy or the words. You ever get like that in the Winter? Thank goodness, it's almost over. I can feel Spring creeping into me. :)

My Etsy shop just passed the 100th sale this past weekend. Yay! It's been sooooo much work, but it has been fun meeting so many wonderful Etsians.

I'm still trying to get my life and priorities arranged. You may have noticed that I have taken down my tutes and book. I wrote a blog post about it and will post it soon as an explanation.

Though my muse has been sluggish to nonexistent, I have managed to finish up some pieces recently. They are all listed at etsy, but here are a couple that I really like.

Rare AZ Gem Silica Chrysocolla and Sterling Silver

Rare Nuummite from Greenland in sterling silver
Really cool azurite and malachite with natural surface in copper
Cuprite- Some of you might recognize this stone and wrap. :)

That's it for now. Thanks for reading. Bare with me during my slump. "I'll be back." To quote Schwarzenegger. :) I may even get some cabbing done soon to show y'all some pretty rocks.

BTW- I'm terribly sorry to say that you will now have to prove you are human to comment. You wouldn't believe how much spam my blog has been getting. Please don't let it stop you from commenting. I love to hear from you. :)