Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Best Chain Ever!

Before I tell you about this incredible chain, let me explain my absence. It's pretty simple, really. I was facing an extreme burnout, so I took some time off. I closed both my shops till August 1. I am playing with wire again and loving it. I'll have lots of new things to share soon.

My friend Laura, of CookOnStrike, gifted me 2 incredible chains. I remember when she first made them. I really admired them. So she sent me one in copper and then another in silver. I had seen lots of photos of them, but they did not prepare me for how delicate and fine these chains are.

CookOnStrike Handmade Chain Necklace

The chains would be beautiful at any scale, but the small scale of these links is wondrous. Yes, I said wondrous. Coming from someone who works with wire, believe me when I tell you that when you see these, your first thought will be, "How did she do it?" I was gobsmacked. I expected a heavier chain and got a slinky, sexy chain which reminds me a lot of a tiny Byzantine chain.

As great as her photos are, it is very hard to really show the scale and delicacy of these chains. It is also hard to tell how slinky it is. This chain drapes beautifully. The links are made perfectly to just pile up on themselves into a heap of gorgeous metal.

CookOnStrike slinky chain

I know that I could never make links this small and perfect. Every time I look at one of her chains, I am amazed at the workwomanship. And, even with so many cut ends, the chain feels like butter with no snags, what so ever. It is perfectly smooth. I don't know how many hours she tumbles these, but she definitely found the right time.

As amazing as these chains are- at any size- it is the tiny scale which impresses me most. I like handmade, chains in particular, but most are quite large with big bulky links. Not so with these. The diameter is not much bigger than my medium size twisted rope chain.

CookOnStrike tiny link handmade chain

Laura's chain will fit all but the smallest of bails. It is perfect for wire wrapped pendants. I'm so glad that she offers it in copper, too. It is so hard to find good chains for those copper designs.

I tried to pin my daughter down to model this for me, but as hot as it has been she was always on her way to the pool! Rest assured, it is as gorgeous on as it is off. 

I'm a big fan of Laura's work. Her attention to detail and quality is surpassed by no one. It is a pleasure to wear these chains. I would have gladly paid her, but I am more than happy and grateful for the gifts. (And, no, she did not pay me to write this. LOL!) You can check out her work at Etsy, too.

CookOnStrike handmade chain


I'll be back soon to show you some new things and to show you my latest tool purchase.