Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! Hello to New Beginnings

I hope you all had a great holiday. I know I did. The best thing for me is having everyone here. I had a full house on Christmas. I don't mind saying that it wore me out. It was a good tired, though. I went to bed feeling very happy to have had all the family here.

So, we're back to another New Year and the inevitable good intentions of resolutions. I have 2 sets:  one for myself/health and one for my art. For my health I need to lose some weight that I put on when I couldn't get around much. Now that the meds are helping, I feel sure I can get more exercise. I think that will be easier than my artistic resolutions.

Seriously, I should have stock in Rio Grande Jewelry Supplies. I just dropped a chunk of change there and more elsewhere to get up to snuff on metalsmithing tools.

Let me start my resolution story like this ...

A while back, I got into a wire wrapping slump. I didn't freak out too much. Not as much as usual, anyway. In my quest to find some eye candy and inspiration, I started looking into metalsmithing. I have 2 great DVDs.

I recommend both of these DVDs. Both can be found on Amazon. The second one, I have had a while (It is both book and DVD) and the first one is new. I give Cassie's video 5 thumbs up. I like the way she teaches and her personality is very easy going. She makes you feel real comfortable with the whole subject. I also have an ever expanding library of books. 

But, anyway. Besides finding intriguing references and eye candy, I have also been encouraged and inspired by several people. One of those people is my friend Laura, of CookonStrike. She recently started her journey in metalsmithing. She is making soldered silver chains to die for at the moment, not to mention the earrings you can find in her shop. 

CookOnStrike's beautiful new soldered chain.

Another artist, whom I consider a friend, has been metalsmithing for a long time. Susan, of Wired Lotus, has been a constant inspiration. She tirelessly and seamlessly launches into new mediums and techniques with the ease of a fluttering butterfly. I am amazed and inspired by her energy and eagerness. Her creativity knows no bounds! Neither is she afraid to go outside her comfort zone. This has not been missed by me, who has been stuck in a comfortable zone for far too long.

And, I just found out that, coincidentally, another artist friend is making the leap from wire to sheet. Cathy, aka Talking Stones, of Rockworlds, has just begun her journey. Cathy is one of the most positive and encouraging people. When I began cabbing she was my cheerleader. Now, we'll be cheering each other. :) She is also making the leap from craft shows to galleries. Go Cathy!!!!

To know of other people starting down this road is very inspiring to me. I feel like I can finally make that commitment, which I have been putting off for many years. As long as I have wanted to cab, I have also wanted to do bezel settings with sheet metal. In fact, it is traditional metalsmithing that inspires my wirework.

I will not be giving up wire, though. My intentions are to join the two fabrication styles into one. However, I need to learn to solder well and handle the sheet first. After I feel some what proficient, I will begin experimentation. 

Learning, experimenting, failing and succeeding will take a lot of time. At some point, I need to find the time to completely revamp my website. I will be moving to a totally new platform which is as beautiful as it is easy to use- as both user and owner. 
So, those are my resolutions- to get healthier, to learn metalsmithing techniques and to revamp my shop. Not too much ... I should be able to manage it :)

Do you have any creative resolutions??


  1. Hey Tela!!! You stole my list!!! LOL! Glad to see you're doing better and we gotta talk about the website stuff as that's on my list too! Still working on project #1 but made a lot of progress today before the collapse! Keep on posting and love the blog! :)

    Enjoy the process!


    1. Thanks Cathy :) I totally want to see your project!

  2. Hey, Tela. I'm sure that I'm not alone when I say that it is going to be very exciting to live vicariously through you and your blogs as you embark in this new journey of metalsmithing. High five, friend!! This is awesome. I would love to learn what tools you will use. Will you use a micro torch or are you diving into tanks? It is good to learn that you will continue to wire wrap. Your wrapping is stylized art, which I have appreciated through the years. Happy New Year to you.

    1. Thank you :) I have made a few rings for my granddaughter and a big copper chain. I'm slowly working my way up to bezels. I'm having fun with my baby steps and I don't absolutely hate flux as much as I used to. That's a giant step right there. LOL!

  3. Happy New Year, Tela! I can't wait to see what you do with metalsmithing. I've grown to love metal so much I hardly every buy stones anymore, but I have a long way to go. I'm sure you will easily fulfill you new resolutions. One of my most important ones this year will be to learn to just chill. I'm always in a race against time and it's very stressful.


    1. Hi Zoraida :) Thank you for your vote of confidence. I just made my first 100% soldered copper chain and I really enjoyed it. I see a lot of metal in my future.

      Learning to relax sounds so easy, but I know it's not. Good luck. :)


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