Thursday, February 27, 2014

Brave Enough

I think, no, I know, I am brave enough to say that I have simple soldering down. I don't think I have done anything terribly complicated, but each new thing sure seems that way! I hold my breath and just do it. (After procrastinating for many minutes.) I hope for the best and jump in with both feet. The idea of ruining some expensive silver and wasting a lot of time just can not enter into the equation. If I think about it too much, I would never do anything. So far, so good. So good, in fact, that I have actually listed 2 pieces in my Etsy shop and I am getting ready to list a third and maybe more.

Here is one that I think is ready for my shop. It is a gorgeous Damsonite or otherwise known as Burro Creek agate.

I love this piece, but let me tell you, I really sweated the load getting those beads on right. Afterwards I thought, "Why didn't I use a centerpunch to mark the spots for the beads?" Duh, live and learn. The cutout back, or, pierced work as it is called, came out brilliantly. I really fretted over that, too. This was a very good project and I learned a lot and got lucky a lot. :)

Here is one that I have listed. It's a wonderful dendritic Montana agate.

This one has pierce work on the back, too. The picture won't upload for some reason. Anyway, this piece is a play on the shape. The front and back have opposing pears, but if you look through the stone you can see another pear, which is oriented the way the stone is. Well, I thought it was clever, anyway. :) I love this piece, it was fun to do and didn't trouble me much.

Did you notice that I have a stamp for .925? Now all I have to do is remember to put it on before I put the bezel wire on.

Just in case anyone is thinking that I quit wire wrapping here are a few recent projects.

Parrotwing Chrysocolla
Blue Dinosaur Bone
Indonesian Petrified Coral
Chrysocolla in Quartz
Ocean Jasper

Thanks for reading- be well and create happily. :)


  1. Hi Tele, I giggle at you when you say that you didn't quit wire wrapping and showed us your " few" projects that you just made. I love the Burro Creek agate pendant. I too didn't think to use the centerpunch to mark the spots for the beads. Such a simple solution. I will remember that.

    I have been working on a pendant for a few days now. I'm quite a bit slower than you. This one has several areas that I had to solder, and I shared the same feeling with you. I'm so excited each step of the way that I have accomplished it. The cab that I am using is the Outback Jasper that I bought from you a while ago. A very pretty stone. I would love to show it to you when I get done.

    1. I do wraps while waiting, or, rather procrastinating to do the next step in a silversmithed piece. :) It takes me several days to do a piece a piece, too. I guess I could get one done in a day, if I didn't sweat over each new step. LOL! I just finished one. It's in the pickle and I am afraid to look at it. I'm thinking I'll have some solder to clean and I'm thinking a big bead which moved might be placed wrong. (I couldn't use a punch for it.) I'm very nervous about it because I really want it to come out nice since it is an expensive covellite piece.

      I'd love to see your new piece! You know I love your work. You can send via email or I can check your flickr. :)

  2. Who can tell that you're not a pro at this already? The pieces look fantastic. So jealous. The silver sets of the Damsonite perfectly.

    1. Thank you, Nana! I wish I were a pro, there are so many other things that I want to do, but lack the skills yet. :) I'm working on it, though.

  3. Beautiful work Tela! I love the balance within your soldered pendants and the cabs are stunning. I too have not given up wirework. I left it aside for a while whilst I concentrated on my metalwork skills but find it calls me back. Happy jewelling.
    Kristin :)

  4. I hope all is well with you and you're so busy making beautiful things that you don't have time to blog. Missing your updates. Hugs

  5. Hello Tela. I am really wowed with what you are doing with your bezels. Your work is symmetrical and the metal is beautifully finished. No blobs or scratchy edges. Perfection, as usual!! And I know how challenging it can be to get those little balls to solder exactly in the spot you want to keep each one at the correct distance. And the piercing at the back is just a wonderful touch. This is so cool to see you soldering and keeping true to "Tela Style." High five!!


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