Friday, August 1, 2014

You Ever Wonder?

I recently bought a stone which is so awesome in every way. When I saw it, my heart skipped a beat. I was in love! The mastery in framing up the cab just can't be overstated! Naturally, I contacted the artist to inquire about it. He offered to put it on reserve while I paid on layaway for it. In the end, though, I decided that I just could not risk someone else buying it while it was on reserve. So, I gladly forked out the money, which was a lot, yet, a pittance to pay for something so rare and captivating. You all know by now that I am a sucker for a pretty rock. It's not even in my hands yet and I'm all gaga over it. LOL!

Cobalto Calcite and Malachite Druzy (image rights:  Devali)

I digress. Back to the point of this post... I wondered, did Devali wonder, when he was creating this, how it might effect this one random human on the planet? After he sold it, did he wonder what the new owner intended to do with it? Of course, I can't read minds, so I thought about my own work.

When I am creating something, I just want to make something that I would wear and that hopefully someone else would want to wear. I want the jewelry to showcase the stone and for it to be durable and attractive, too. When I am cabbing, I want to bring out the sweet spot in the slab. Maybe I lack the imagination to try to envision who would wear the piece being created.I don't know.

All of the above is true during the act of creation. But, after a piece or a cab leaves me, then I wonder about where it has gone and for what purpose. I wonder if the new owner of one of my pieces will design a necklace for it, or wear it on a cord. I wonder if it will be a gift. Is it for a special occasion?  Did it make their heart skip a beat when they saw it because it was just so perfect for them? Is it for their collection? Did they put it on and wear it for a week straight because they loved it so much? I like to think of how they feel when they get a compliment. I like to imagine the story they tell about it. Maybe, they were just browsing Etsy, stumbled across it and had to have it. Maybe someone bought it who practices healing therapy. Maybe the stone gives them relief for an ailment.

As for my cabochons, I think I wonder even more. I assume that a majority of people are buying to make their own jewelry. I wonder what they will make. Will they wire wrap a pendant? Will they set it in silver or gold? What style will it be? Will it be for them, to give or to sell? Will it go in their collection? Will they just resell it? What attracted them to the stone? Was it the material, the cut or the metaphysical properties? Did it speak to them the way stones speak to me?

Seraphinite Angel Wings and Spinel

I rarely get a glimpse into the reasons why people acquire my things. However, I was blessed with hearing at least one story. It was touching enough that it gave me a new appreciation for what I do. Shortly after the school massacre in Sandy Hook, CT, I got an order for a lovely seraphinite (aka angel wings) and green spinel pendant. I contacted the buyer to thank her and she shared with me that the pendant was to go to her daughter in law. She lived in the next town over from Sandy Hook and knew some of the people directly involved. The pendant was an offering from the caring mother in law to help her daughter in law to heal her psychic wounds. I was so touched by her story and humbled, too. The world got smaller and I was only happy to be part of the healing process. In some tiny way, I felt what a doctor must feel sometimes.

Hearing the story of the angel wings was very moving. I wonder how many other stories were just as powerful? I know that there are many people attracted to handmade jewelry for the emotional power that the creator imbues into the piece. I must assume that there are lots of very inspiring stories out there. I hope that something I have done has inspired someone the way the cobalto calcite inspired me.

So, getting back to my cobalto calcite... What will I do with it? Believe it or not, I am going to get a shadow box frame and hang it on the wall so I can look at it every day and be reminded of the beauty in nature and to be inspired in my own cabbing. :)


An update on my nephew:

He had his stem cell transplant (bone marrow transplant) and faced radiation and chemo like a champ. He got through everything with flying colors and is now in a hospitality house near the hospital for the daily check ups. He was transferred in record time and continues to thrive and do well. I'm so happy for him and his family. :) Thank you everyone for the prayers and well wishes.