Thursday, October 2, 2014

Muse Replenishing Vacation

With summer winding down and the end to my cabbing days nearing, I recently realized that my wire muse had gone missing. Wire wrapping became a forced chore rather than a pleasure. "Forced chore"? Yes. Forced chore. Rather than being inspired or compelled to push boundaries, I have been, for the most part, just going though the motions, with few inspired pieces. If you run a shop, then you know that can happen.

Golden Ocean Jasper in sterling silver with patina

I have waxed on before about selling. Selling my jewelry has never been an easy thing for me to do. I do it so I can buy more rocks and wire and so I don't have piles of jewelry sitting around. I have learned, though, that it is very rewarding to see the right piece go to the right person. I also find it very humbling that people want to part with their hard earned dollars for my things. And, it makes me happy to make other people happy when they acquire something they love. I have learned that selling has its virtues. But, the act of selling itself has always been difficult for me. "Damn it, Jim, I'm an artist, not a salesperson". (Sorry, a little Star Trek there.) It is very hard to be both. Selling is very time consuming work and self promotion, for me, is like having a root canal done. But, I have learned to deal with it -- only to learn, too, that it saps my creative juices.

Natural Cobalto Calcite Druzy in sterling silver

About three weeks ago, I got a custom order for about eight pendants with the clients stones. When I got the cabs, I was pleasantly surprised to find not only some lovely cabs to work with, but some challenging cabs to work with, too. Some were very small, which I'm not used to doing and some were Montana agates which are very slippery. One was double domed and one was real thick. They each presented a challenge.

Agate in sterling silver

Dinosaur bone in sterling silver

As I sat and thought of ways to wrap the cabs, I felt a renewed interest in wire wrapping. Soon, they began wrapping themselves. I stayed on a roll, too. I was so happy to get my muse back, but I had little time to do it while running my shop.

Deschutes Jasper in sterling silver

K2 jasper in sterling silver

It was about that time when I decided to take a break and spend some quality time with my wire. I had a temporary problem in my shop and needed to put it on vacation for a few days. After I did that, I realized that it was a blessing in disguise. I really needed that break.

Little Gel Lepidolite in sterling silver

Maw Sit Sit Jadeite in 14k gf

I'm going to try not to be closed for too long. I feel like I am skipping school! I guess me and my wire will be playing hooky until the little nag in the back of my head says, "Enough play, back to work!"...

Little Argentinian Rhodochrosite in sterling silver

Turquoise in sterling silver with patina
Peristerite (schiller feldspar) in sterling silver with patina

... Until that time, I will be here wrapping to my heart's content and getting ready for Old man Winter to set in again. 

Happy Wrapping and may the Muse be with you :)