Sunday, August 16, 2015

Another Favorite: Kabamby Jasper

As you may know, my favorite stone is the Ocean Jasper. It is a rock full of surprises. They are all so different and with their own character.

Take my last favorite, which I affectionately call "Precious".

 This cab has everything going for it except for some druzy, which I, personally, am not crazy about.

Well I just cabbed another Ocean Jasper that I've fallen equally in love with. But wait! I can't really call it an ocean jasper.

Ocean Jasper is the trademarked name of a type of orbicular jasper which is found in one location in Madagascar:  Marovato. Those are more agate than jasper and have more color variety.

What I am discussing now is an orbicular jasper from Kabamby, Madagascar. This is like a true jasper- opaque. These stones can closely resemble Ocean Jasper and in fact are often called Ocean Jasper, however, only Marovato orbicular jasper can be called Ocean jasper. Confused? Add this:  The kabamby orbicular jasper actually has a trade name, though no one ever uses it. It is called Sea Jasper. Both Sea Jasper and Ocean Jasper are found near or in the ocean off Madagascar. They are found only miles from each other, too.

Kabamby Jasper Slab from Madagascar

Kabamby jasper, which it is more often called, rather than Sea Jasper, is comprised of shades of green and gold with some pink and cream. My beauty has it all. It has a distinct opaque look. It has the dark green along with stunning pink and some great white contrast. It is the contrast in this stone which really sets it apart. Well, that and the rings, and the color, and the lily pad orbs, ...

Kabamby cabbed and in the sunlight

I wasted no time in wrapping this big beauty up!

Kabamby Jasper Pendant

And.... I couldn't resist a close up of those great orbs!

That's it for now, had to share my pretty.


  1. I just love the color on the last Jasper. That is beautiful!

    1. Ooops! Sorry Kate, I seem to have missed you. I agree, it is a wonderful stone. It is stones like that that keep me doing this. :)

  2. What a gorgeous stone! Drool-worthy.

    1. Kinda like sequintastic ball gowns? ;) I've missed your blog, so good to see you posting again. ((Hugs))

  3. Beautiful stone and as always a beautiful wrap.


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