Tuesday, October 4, 2016

All Good Things Must Come to an End

Sadly, cabbing season is almost over for me. I use dop wax. It doesn't even like the hint of cold. I do cab in the house, but the slightest chill and the stone goes flying off my stick. That sort of thing can get dangerous! It happened one time when my brother was sitting across from me while I was using the outside wheel on my machine. The cab came off the stick and went flying through the air just barely missing his face. I decided then- No more cabbing come fall. 

My dop pot for the hot wax with assorted preforms ready to cab
I did spend a lot of time cabbing this Spring and Summer, though. I can't list them all, but here's a few I especially like.



Wingate Agate

Cold Mountain Thunderegg

Imperial Jasper

Kokoweef Cave Onyx

Mystery Agate

Gem Silica in Agate with Malachite and a Fortified Center

Moroccan Seam Agate

Plasma Agate

Ocean Jasper

Sonoran Plume Agate

Outback Jasper
As you can see, I have been playing with new shapes and inside curves. The inside curves are more challenging, but fun to do.

I haven't been making very much jewelry. I expect to be doing more of that now that the cabbing season is winding down. I did spend the other day making a few smaller pendants, though. I used 22g wire, which I don't usually do. However, I had a bunch of smaller cabs sitting around and decided to do something with them.

Hornitos Poppy Jasper

Nuummite with sparkly metallic fire

Argentinian Rhodochrosite Ortiz Color- almost glows

Seraphinite Angle Wings

Ocean Jasper

Afghan Lapis

I got a new program for doing my pictures- Adobe Photoshop Elements 14. Elements 15 is out now. It makes really quick work of getting everything ready. It does A LOT. I don't really need a lot, but it does the simple tasks very well. Plus, it is affordable and you actually own it. It's not leased from the Cloud the way other Adobe products are. I don't know for how long that will be true. I'm just glad that I got it while I could.

So, there you have it, I am alive and well. :)


  1. That cut-out Ocean Jasper is amazing!
    It is interesting to have a tiny look into cab making, i.e. the wax sticks - never gave it a thought really, but of course somehow you need something to hold the stone while cabbing. Would be nice to have a series of photos of the process ... *hint hint*. :-)

    1. Thank you! I have some more slabs of OJ that have some druzy at the top. I'm going to cut come more in the same manner.

      I'll consider doing process pictures. :) I think I have all the steps on the blog, I should just put them all together.

  2. Tela, these are some of the most beautiful cabochons that I've ever seen. And I know your work as quality. Your Elements editing is awesome!! It was great to see this blog in my mail. It is colorful and full of beauty.

    1. Thank you. Susan. :) I like elements, it makes the tedious job so much faster. I would change a few things, but all in all I'm happy with it.

  3. Have you tried Superglue on a screw inserted into the dopping stick? I use it all the time more fiddling with wax


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