Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hurricane Matthew

As with most people on the East Coast, we watched the slow march of Matthew up the coast. It was supposed to turn out to sea after it reached southern North Carolina, but as hurricanes do, it decided to do what it wanted to do. It crawled up the coast a bit. This put the large, wet northern bulk of the storm over us here on the Virginia coast.

We did not get slammed the way North Carolina did, but we did get hit with steady high winds, ripping gusts and torrential rainfall. We were already wet. Adding all those inches of rain just helped topple trees all over the place. Those near the shore and inland waterways got some pretty bad flooding. As for us, here with our big old oak, we survived yet another hurricane in tact. My daughter's neighbor in Norfolk had a huge tree come down on their home. That's always my worry.

Because of the storm's predicted path away from us, we sent a lot of our utility trucks south and got caught with our pants down.We lost power for three days, which was better than the five predicted. We are well prepared for losing power since it is such a common occurrence. I want to say it was almost a nice break and felt like camping in the house, but I don't want to make light of a situation that was much worse for so many.

While the power was out, I wrapped when I could. I have lights on my optivisors which is really nice. I have found them useful for cabbing and other things and now for hurricane wrapping, too.

Red Dinosaur Bone

Sonora Sunrise

Large Stick Pearl (Very colorful, though the colors don't photograph well.)

Antique Handcarved Cameo with Pearls

Mojave Turquoise

Morenci Chrysocolla



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    1. Thanks, Dixie. :) I found the time without all the distractions to be quite productive.

  2. Thought of you when I heard about the hurricane, I'm glad you safe and it all went well for you.
    That mohave turquoise is just gorgeous!

    1. Thank you for thinking of us. We got lucky. Our neighborhood flooded, but not like so many others did. We didn't make the news much here, but whole neighborhoods were flooded pretty bad.

      Yes, that turquoise has some eye popping color! I love it!


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