Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Colored Wire, Tab Setting and Doming Discs

Well, another year has gotten behind us. I just want to say for the record that last year... sucked. Sorry, there is just no other way to put it. Being an optimist at heart, I'm just gonna put that behind me and march forward. :)

I have a kind of system worked out. During the warm months, I cab and do wire wrapping. When it cools off, I can't cab anymore, so I explore other things and try to get some soldering in.

With the coming of the cool season, I tried something new... colored wire for wire wrapping. I won't say the brand, but I will say that I wasn't fond of it. I can see how working with color can be awesome- especially for me, the magpie. Flash something bright my way and I am attracted right over the cliff.

The one and only project that I finished did benefit greatly from color, I think. I just don't like working with the coated copper, at all. The wires were different hardnesses. The color coat nicked easily. The wire wasn't quite hard enough. I bought online and found the colors to be off from what was advertised.

I did this piece as being inspired by Autumn.

Nature's Paintbrush and colored wire

Nature's Paintbrush and colored wire
Nature's Paintbrush and colored wire

Another new thing I have tried is tab setting. It all began with my grandson. He has an adorable tortoise named, Tank. He loves turtles and tortoises. I saw a pendant that looked like a turtle. It was a tabbed pendant with a cabochon for the shell. I just knew I had to make one for him. Well, I did. It was a quickie, but it came out pretty nice. My grandson wears it constantly.

First I had to figure out the pattern and glue it down to the copper.

Then I had to saw it out...
...separate and bend the prongs up.
I inserted the Petoskey stone from Michigan and folded over the prongs. I added some diamond facets on the body which sparkle like mad in the light.

After doing the turtle, I was hooked. These are really fun little projects to do and you can do it all sorts of ways. I'm working on another now.

Tab Set Noreena Jasper and copper
Tab Set Noreena Jasper and copper
Tab Set Bruneau Jasper in Copper (ignore the dust)

Tab Set Bruneau Jasper in Copper
Tab Set Chrysocolla and copper
Tab Set Chrysocolla and copper

After Christmas, I typically go on a tool buying binge. It helps me to relieve the stress of the holidays... yeah- right. :) This year, my wonderful husband gave me some awesome tools before Christmas. I got a very nice quality dapping block set and a Pepe disc cutter. I haven't had a lot of time to play with them yet. I did get a few done to show you, though. These were each lessons.

 I love the finish on this pair of earrings. The pictures do them no justice. This was my first pair.
Domed Copper earrings
I made these for my granddaughter. She loves them.

Hammered Copper Dome Earrings
This was a little bigger and domed more deeply. I used stainless steel wire shapes to beat the pattern into annealed metal.

Swirl Pattern Domed Copper Pendant

Aside from these little side projects, I have been wire wrapping, of course, and getting reacquainted with my torch. I have several solder projects up next.

That's it for now. Hope y'all are happy creating.