Monday, April 24, 2017

Christmas in April- Etching and Piercing

I was very busy during the Christmas season. I made lots of gifts for family and friends involving pierce work and etching. I even remembered to take pictures of everything before they met their final destination. They aren't the greatest pictures, but I was quite proud that I got them in time. I fully intended to do a post about it sooner, but life got in the way.

I had a blast learning how to do Pierce Work. This particular skill set involves a very, very thin saw blade and a sheet of metal. It is as simple as cutting out a stencil type drawing with a jeweler's saw. Sounds easy, right? Well, no, not really. It definitely takes practice... and patience.

My first pierce work piece was a paw heart. It involved cutting out tiny paw print shapes in a heart shaped piece of copper. Well, let me back up, the heart shape was actually cut after I cut the paws. First I applied a pattern to be cut to the metal. I quickly learned that glue stick didn't work very well. Rubber cement did the trick.

Paper pattern glued to sheet metal
Next- drill very small pilot holes to insert the saw blade.

Did I mention the word small? That's an allergy pill.
The whole thing is just over 4" high.
After I cut away at this for awhile, I had a nice little piece. Yes, there were some mistakes, but I was very proud of myself.

Cut it out. Had to drill a bail hole and bevel the inside edge. See the pilot holes for the paw that was too small to cut?
Brush finish for some bite for the patina. Bail added. Edges filed and finished with a burnisher.

When I first started this, I didn't have any files small enough for the holes. I have since gotten some. While this isn't perfect, I like it and my daughter, who is a dog handler, liked it.

Here are a few more pierced pieces, not necessarily in order of completion. (They got better every time.)

This tiny pattern was attached to 2 pieces of of glued up 24g copper. Cut one time for 2 earring pieces.

I impressed me. LOL!

Cat in the Cat

Another paw heart- freshly patinaed and finished.

Mmmmm coffee....
Ridiculously tiny!
First one of many. I perfected this over time.
A little better this time.
Cut and etched
 Well, that was a few of my piercing projects. They were all nicely finished and well received gifts. I'll have to show you the etchings in another post. It was a little more involved.

Stay creative....

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