Wednesday, April 26, 2017

My BRAND NEW Website!!

Hello readers! It seems I'm on a binge blog roll here, but I just have to tell you, I have a NEW website!!

Introducing the new and improved Tela Formosa Jewelry (optimized for mobile).

I'm very happy with the looks and functioning of this site. It has been a long time coming. I did use a template, but it was still a lot of work. I actually had to get into the code a bit which is always nerve wracking.

Many years ago, I signed up for Supadupa, a store and website builder. I got in on their early bird free for life plan. I waited for the company to get over its growing pains and watched as it grew into a very fashionable website plan. The templates are very well done and geared towards artisans. But, you do not need to use a template, you can build from scratch, too. I recommend them if you are looking into building a website. The process of building my site took 10 days of intense work, but it was worth it.

My jewelry shop on Etsy will either close completely or offer only a few items. Etsy has been a good place to be, but as they have gone public as a company and have allowed manufactured goods from places like China, it has changed. It is no longer the place for handmade. And, because they are public, they have shareholders to answer to. As a result, they are forcing ALL sellers into using their own unreliable payment system. I have never used Direct Checkout, as it was called, and I really don't to. I resent being forced into it. I will be shut down if I don't give them my banking information. To make matters even worse, if you accept PayPal, which I do, they will still route your money through their new Direct Checkout. This delays payment from PayPal which is almost always instantaneous.

Constant changes at Etsy make things more difficult for a seller, in my opinion. They run "experiments" continually, which generally effect sellers negatively. They run them without notice. They experiment on us! Contacting them for help is a nightmare with form response emails and little human interaction. I have many complaints about Etsy. But, I won't go on and on. Suffice to say- It is time to move on or at least stop giving them so much of my money.

Another aspect of leaving Etsy has less to do with Etsy and more to do with my muse, or lack thereof, at Etsy. I found myself not creating the kind of jewelry that I used to create. I was jumping through hoops trying to stay "relevant" in Etsy search. This constant pressure to sell took the fun and inspiration out of making beautiful pieces. I may be making less on my own, but I will be happier as an artist. To me, that is most important.

For the time being, my rock shop at Etsy will remain open. I haven't yet decided on where to go with it.

I have had and have now wonderful clients in both of my shops. I hope that they will follow me. They can expect an even better experience with me moving forward. I look forward to the journey ahead.  :)


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