The Artist

The Woman
Readers of my blog have gotten to know me pretty well, I think, since I put my heart and soul into it. I think I can be summed up pretty easily. I am a middle aged mother and grandmother who is married to the most wonderful man in the world. (Yes, I am biased :) )

The Artist
Art is the end result of inspired, master technique. It is determined by the eye of the beholder, and it is known when seen.
  • A painter creates art with paint and brush;
  • a glassblower-- with glass and blowpipe;
  • a director/producer-- with actors and words;
  • an architect-- with brick and mortar;
  • I create art jewelry with metal wire and gemstones.

I have learned the technique of many art forms but jewelry has become my "voice". Nothing has offered me the immediacy and satisfaction of creating jewelry. I became interested in wire art because I love gemstones, jewelry and close, demanding work. Along the way, I began to develop my own style.

I'm an "artist". Someone who strives to create something that is unique, well constructed, balanced, pleasing to the eye, and a pleasure to wear. I believe there is abundant opportunity for this form of jewelry to be a conduit for the subconscious need of the artist. By my hand (literally), I will try to create something you will be proud to own and wear.

Other Skills and Interests
Among countless interests are: painting, embroidery, genealogy, writing, fishing, hiking, camping, traveling and listening to music. You notice that I don't mention math or numbers?
Oh, and I like coffee, too.